Arsenal Listing Table of Contents

20PD List and Description of Various Arsenal Concepts: Recommendations and Strategies against each type

There are many approaches to winning in this game but there are some pretty established arsenal types.  This page  features a menu of different arsenal types for easier browsing of the different types.  

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Weaknesses in all arsenals listed - There are certain environmentals that can cripple an arsenal(Memory Lapse, Reduce Entropy) or make your opponent’s arsenal too powerful.(Optimization)  An opponent who has boosted their stats can also become overwhelmingly powerful. To deal with this I recommend putting a skill in that erases environmentals and erases or reverses stat buffs if you can. Sometimes you can’t, but you could try to structure your arsenals so that they can deal with most tactics.  You can ignore this to boost your chances of getting other skills, but it could lead to some frustrating defeats as well.  

List of Some Arsenal Concepts (some of the more complicated arsenals are towards the end.  (Particularly Recall and Chill Breeze Loop arsenals)


1AR Memory of Battle

2AR Compressor

3AR Capsule Erasers

4ARa Skill Erase Focused Arsenals

4ARb Level Erase Focused Arsenals

5AR Support Arsenals

6AR Dance of Death, Crystallization, Bundled Blaser, and Bundled Laser Arsenals

7AR Zero Cost Arsenals

8AR Vibration Arsenals

9AR Blazing Arsenals


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10AR Environmental Focused Arsenals

    In General

        1E Memory Lapse Focus

        2E Reduce Entropy Focus

        3E Chaos Arsenals Focus
        4E Forest Sanctuary Focus
        5E Irregular Rhtyhm Focus
        6E Fatigue Focus
        7E Optimization Focus
        8E Soul Cage Focus
        9E Backdraft Focus
        10E Athena's Command Focus
        11E Confused Gravity Focus
        12E Dense Fog Focus
        13E Accelerate Focus
        14E Quiet Days Focus

        15E Berserk Focus
        16E Necronomicon Focus
        17E Nature's Blessing Focus
        18E Commandments Focus
        19E Unison Focus
        20E Lunar Force Focus
        21E Abnormal Gravity Focus
        22E Holy Ray Focus
        23E Desertification Focus
        24E Traveling Thought Focus
        25E Reduce Gravity Focus
        26E Anti School Environmental Focus

11AR Suicide Arsenals

12AR Freezing Button Arsenals

13AR Sign of Saints Arsenals

14AR "Rush" Arsenals

15AR "Single Death Shot Arsenals"

16AR Annoying Gift to Annoy Arsenals

17AR Annoying Gift to Help Arsenals

18AR Surprise Arsenals

19AR Phantom Dust(the skill) Arsenals

20AR Copy Cat Arsenals

21AR "Anti Everything Arsenals"

22AR Mobilize/Teleport Trap Arsenals

23AR Bravery Decision Arsenals

24AR Recall + Relearn/Recollection Arsenals

25AR Chill Breeze Loop Arsenals

26AR Theme Arsenals

27AR Search for More Arsenals

1AR Memory of Battle Arsenals

This arsenal will include the Nature school and usually has a mix of single use and infinite use skills. The idea is to try to win using a lot of attacks which also make your Memory Of Battle skill do a lot of damage as the match continues.  You don’t have to actually use an attack skill to add to the power of Memory of Battle, it just has to leave your hand. So you can pick up a skill to take the place of an attack in your hand which will then make your Memory of Battle stronger.  Any of your capsule attack skills erased from your spawn will not count towards Memory of Battle’s strength. They have to be picked up and leave your hand.  You can also use Scars of Battle to work just like Memory of Battle.  These arsenals require you to figure out how many single use and infinite use attacks you should put in this arsenal.  There are many approaches to Memory of Battle Arsenals.

Variety Approach - Using up several single use moves can get your Memory of Battle stronger.  Some skills to consider using may include things that break or erase shields.  Using some cheap but strong single use attacks like Vacuum Slash or Psycho Spear is another option.  A few other infinite use moves can still work well with Memory of Battle as well.

Auto Capture Approach- One of the quickest ways to boost Memory of Battle's strength  is to use a bunch of auto capture skills quickly(may be not even bothering to hit your opponent with them as they're used up) Auto capture skills automatically pick up your next skill when you use them.(even if there are no skills currently at your spawn point) The drawback to this approach is you put a heavier reliance on the power of Memory of Battle. Someone with an erase shield can take care of your Memory of Battle and you may not be left with much to do.  The 3 auto capture skills available are from the Ki school and are named Sky Pursuit, Hyper Punch, and Empty Hand.(up to 9 total to possibly use)

Unusual Memory of Battle Tag Strategy - One player on the team could carry little to no aura in their arsenal.  This means they can have more attacks than usual to really boost Memory of Battle's strength.  The way you get this player to use it is by having the other teammate boost the Memory of Battle players level with Optical moves like Boost Mine, Level Berserk, Level Baton, or Quantum Amp.

Other Drawbacks and Options - A good cartwheeler can dodge Memory of Battle pretty easily if they're ready, so you may want to use a stun move and then follow up with Memory of Battle.  You could also try boosting homing of Memory of Battle.   This arsenal can work as a good assistant in tag. As far as One on One goes, it has the potential to do well, but connecting Memory of Battle will be harder against a cartwheeler.

Recall/Relearn and Memory of Battle -  Any attacks you Recall or Relearn will take away from the power of Memory of Battle until that skill is unequipped again.  If the Recalled skill is erased from your spawn you can never have it count towards Memory of Battle's strength.  

Anti Memory of Battle - You can play the environmentals Athena's Command or Forest Sanctuary to stop a Memory of Battle from being useable.  

2AR Compressor Arsenals

The opposite of Memory of Battle, the attack Compressor relies on using up shields to boost its strength.(Getting rid of shields from your hand also boosts Compressor's strength)  There are one time use shields with useful effects like erase effects, life boosting effects, freezing effects,  reflecting effects, and paralyzing effects that can help you use up your shields in a helpful way.  There is also the shield Learning which can put a move it blocks into your hand if the projectile shot doesn't do enough damage to break Learning.  Your teammate in tag could help you in this by shooting at you an attack/projectile you want.   With Learning you can get your Compressor charged up and get a new move.  Perhaps the greatest strength in Compressor comes from erasing many attacks that your opponent uses.  Like Memory of Battle, Compressor is pretty easy to cartwheel out of.(hits jumpers though)  It's usually a bad idea to have Compressor as your only attack because it can always be erased, but since a lot of your time will be spent erasing and delaying an opponent’s offense with shields you won’t have too many attacks in here either.

Wait Them Out or Attack the Opponent with Less Defenses - Sometimes it's best not to go on the offensive against a person with a bunch of shields like you’ll find against Compressor arsenals.  Instead you can force them to pick up more stuff.(just wait out the match) In tag you could opt to go after the teammate of a Compressor arsenal who has less defenses instead of risking getting your attacks erased so easily by someone with many shields. 

Shooting Through Compressor Players - In tag, shields can not block non exploding projectiles that are targeting a different player.(these projectiles will go through players that aren't meant to be the target).  This means you can freely shoot projectiles at an opponent teammate who doesn't have any shields.  The Compressor teammate with a bunch of shields can't protect their partner from most ranged moves.  You have to lock on to the defenseless teammate to have projectiles go through a Compressor user's shields.  Manually aimed attacks can be blocked by the Compressor player.  They can also block explosions those moves create.(potentially erasing that move)

Blocking for a Teammate - Shields can erase short range, Move,(probably...) or Mine / Explosion type attacks that were locked onto someone else in Tag.  

Coordination - 2 Compressor arsenals working together might be pretty powerful. 

Tired of Waiting - Erasing a compressor arsenal’s capsules can be effective if the opponent is just sitting around with 4 shields in hand. Recall and Capsule erasing arsenals can be difficult for Compressor’s to deal with. Turbulence or Wind Pressure can help weaken Erasing or Recalling arsenals. 

Keepers and Stopping Some of Them- Reincarnation and other locked/retain skill attacks can be good to use against Compressor arsenals to force them to waste an erase shield.(make sure you have 6 aura to retain Reincarnation). Using Necronomicon can at least stop Reincarnation and Arrow of Artemis from retaining themselves.  Frostbite is technically another possible but difficult option to use to stop Lock/Retain moves.  

Freeze Shot Glitch - Freeze shot fired by someone with attack strength buffs is also an option against heavily shielded Compressor players.(it can’t be erased by shields) 

Stunners - Status/Special moves that stun can also be used against heavily shielded people without much risk.  Glacial Wall or Paralyze Barrier could punish stun users though.  

Get Rid of Shields - Shield Erasers can be good against Compressor arsenals too.(Dragon Slayer, Shield Slayer, Judge of Ares, Lost Dragon, technically Lack among other erase moves) There are also several attack skills in Nature and Ki School that erase shields if you hit an opponent with it.(Lightning Sword for example)   

Besides these tactics you can try to manually aim attacks away from a person’s shield to fake them out so they don’t erase your attack. Running up to someone and doing moves like Tiger’s Strength or even purify can trick a person into using a shield they have and then you can follow up with an attack while their completing the shield animation.(following up after a purify is not possible but you can waste their one time use shields) If you are faked out try to mash the shield button to try block again quickly, you might be able to get the shield up quick enough to block.  If someone doesn’t have enough aura to use a shield again it’s a great chance to strike them. Because of this, level erasing can be another good tactic.(Vicious Balance, Quantum Decay) See the shields section for more on dealing with shields.  If worse comes to worse you can wait for people with Compressors to attack and then counter attack with your own attack.

Recall and Relearn - Any shields you Recall or Relearn will take away from Compressor’s power.(until the shield leaves your hand again)  Any shields erased from your spawn point don’t count towards Compressor’s power. You don’t actually have to use shields to add to the power of compressor, you just have to pick it up and have it unequip from your hand.  

Unusual Compressor  Tag Strategy - One player on the team could carry little to no aura in their arsenal.  This means they can have more shields than usual to really boost Compressor's strength.  The way you get this player to be able to use Compressor is by having the other teammate boost the Compressor user's level with Optical moves like Boost Mine, Level Berserk, Level Baton, or Quantum Amp.

Anti Compressor - The environmentals Athena's Command or Forest Sanctuary can stop a Compressor from being usable.


3AR Capsule Eraser Arsenals

These arsenals try to erase your opponents' capsules down to 0 so that they will die from it.(you lose 1 life every few seconds when there are 0 skills left in your arsenal) Oftentimes these arsenals carry a good amount of erase shields to keep pressure off them. While just about any arsenal can use Diabolical Trick, these arsenals can make extensive use of capsule erasing/altering skills like Violent Change,  Particle Convert, Evaporate, and Change the World. Recall and Relearn are often a big part of these when using multiple capsule erasing/altering moves. These arsenals can be a pretty good defense against Memory Lapse arsenals when using Recall. 

The Triple Team - Be careful about erasing opponents in Battle Royale, you can often be triple teamed for it, so sometimes it's best to sit back and let people use up their skills till you think you can get away with some capsule erasing. If players see a lot of purple in your hand or know that your Recalling without really doing anything to anyone they can become suspicious of you. Whether you intend to use Accelerate to speed up erasing or not, people usually think you're going to erase them when you play it and it can encourage them to triple team. 

Erase from Anywhere - One neat thing I saw a Recall Violent change arsenal do was the player raised their speed to high levels and kept Calling their capsules with Call with Accelerate down as well. They basically out ran the opponent and hid behind stuff while freely picking up new capsules and eventually erasing the opponent to death. 

Things to Mess with Capsule Erasers - One tactic that can mess with capsule erasing players relying on Recall is to keep their level below 10.  A good offense can also overwhelm opponents not well equipped to defend. If your opponent has no attacks you can basically wait around for them to use something like Violent Change and attack in reaction.  Reincarnation is a solid attack to deal with this.  It’s really a good idea for capsule erasers to have a few attacks anyway, as a deterrent. 

Erase Back - You can also fight back against people who intend to erase your own capsules by bringing your own capsule erasers, like Diabolical Trick.  If you have a higher skill count while doing this, you can discourage players from staying at your spawn to delete capsules, as you can finish them off before they can finish you.  

Punishing Capsule Pickups - Soul Cage can be used to mess with opponents who just keep picking up the capsule you're going to erase.(they take damage for picking them up)  

Crippling Environmentals to help Capsule Erasing - An arsenal that floats Reduce Entropy can shut down a lot of arsenals.  Combine Reduce Entropy with Shatter and Eliminate and you can end up erasing a lot of a person's capsules while Reduce Entropy is out.  Forest Sanctuary can also help make things easier for capsule erasing arsenals.  

Recall - Check out the Relearn Recall Recollection arsenal section in the listings for ideas on how set up Recall arsenals with multi capsule erasing skills.  Also read the Bravery Decision arsenal section as that will tie into your possibilities with Recall.


4ARa Erase Based Arsenals - Emphasizing Skill Erasure

These arsenals pack a lot of skills that erase other skills. Some combinations of skills that work well together are Lack and Heat from the Void or Vacuum Palm. 

Anti Erase - Some of the best ways of dealing with erase arsenals are to use Orb or Amulet. The environmental Commandments can buy you time as well. 

Fighting against Orb and Amulet 

1.  Using the environmental Chaos will ensure you get past Orb and Amulet. If Orb is the only real problem you can use the anti environmental Stagnant Air.(conveniently in the Ki school where many skill erasers are found)  

2.  Any effects that freeze an opponent’s buttons also works in stopping Orb or Amulet.  

3.  You can use the Nature or Ki based erase attacks in skill erase arsenals.(Storm Blade, Lightning Sword, Dragon Punch, Tiger Kick) Orb and Amulet can't stop their erase effects as they are considered attack skills .  

Level Erasing As A Way To  Get Rid of Opponent's Skills - Even though much of the focus on skill erasing is about getting rid of opponents' skills, using moves that reduce a person's level can also be useful.(like Exhaust)  If you have an opponent with a higher level, then they can hold on to aura particles to reduce Heat From Void's damage.  If they need more Level for other things, then naturally they will feel a need to use aura particles causing your Heat from Void to get powered up.  They could also overwrite skills to try to get more aura, doing the skill erasing for you. 

Erase Shields - Using erase shields may be more effective than always going for a direct erase move.  

Capsule Erasers - Although it may not be a focus of the arsenal, capsule erasing skills can be considered a way to indirectly erase moves from players.  

Anti Dragon Slayer - Course shields are the only shield type that can stop Dragon Slayer which can often combo with other erase moves.  

Holding onto Aura Particles - If you hold onto Aura Particles you can use them as protection against Heat From Void and Vacuum Palm.  They can also make Disremember choose to erase them first instead of more useful higher cost skills. 

4ARb Erase Based Arsenals - Emphasizing Level Erase (Vicious Balance/Quantum Decay Arsenals/Others...)

Level Erase Based arsenals have some similarities  to Skill Erase Based arsenals and therefore the same strengths and weaknesses apply.  However, Level Based Erase arsenals have 2 very powerful Hit All skills known as Quantum Decay and Vicious Balance.  

Vicious Balance Arsenals - They often use mostly low cost skills. It's helpful to have a skill that lowers your level in it like Rebirth, Mist Blade, Mist Laser or Downcast in case someone Level Berserks or Quantum Amps you, or you accidentally use extra aura particles. 

Signs of Vicious Balance - If you notice your opponent has a purple skill and only has 2 Level and isn’t really doing anything else, there’s a good chance that he’s waiting to use Vicious Balance. If he’s holding on to aura particles or not actually gaining level with them he’s probably also using it. If the opponent doesn’t have a lot of Level and keeps using skills that lower their level that is another sign that Vicious Balance could be in your opponent's arsenal.  

2 or Less - Some attacks that require you to have 2 or less aura can fit well in Vicious Balance arsenals. (Swift Punch, Swift Blow, Swift Kick)

Quantum Decay Arsenals -  You may also see a Quantum Decay arsenal using similar tactics in not doing anything and not picking up much aura. Quantum Decay arsenals may also use Level Boost or Level Berserk from a teammate to make up for the amount of Level they lose from Quantum Decay. 

Knocked Out Teammate Strategy - If your teammate is knocked out they will not be affected by Hit All erase moves.  

Combining Level Erase Moves - Quantum Decay and Vicious Balance can obviously be used together in arsenals.(As well as other erase moves)

The Waiting Game - Aside from Orb/Amulet, you can wait or hold on to aura particles to not be affected as badly from level erase when it's done. 

Anti Bloody Vicious - Chaos will wreck many Vicious Balance arsenals because skills that cost 2 or less can’t be used.(putting a Crush or Return to Nature in your Vicious Balance arsenal is recommended to deal with Chaos)  Chaos also stops the use of Faith's other main level erase move, Bloody Ritual.

Optimization And Level Erase - This environmental can make much level erasing insignificant and it is recommended to take them down when trying to erase level.  However, Optimization can help if you want to repeatedly use Restrain on someone to lower their level.(The stun effect of the move allows you to repeatedly Restrain an opponent who's already hit)  Taking down Optimization afterwards though is necessary to make your opponent suffer from losing so much level.  

Punishing Stallers - If you're playing an opponent who is being conservative about picking up aura at their spawn you can take advantage of this with the hit all erase skill Meltdown.  If someone leaves 3 Aura Particles at their spawn and you do Meltdown and then Relearn it, you can bring someone from as high as level 12 down to level 0.  

Freezing and Level Erase -  There are several level erase based moves in Optical and Faith to lower level.  Having freezing moves can help Level Erase succeed against players holding Orb or Amulet.  

Attack Level Erasers- There are 2 Faith attack moves called Song of Succubus and Succubus Tempt that erase level which can't be stopped by Orb or Amulet.  However, their accuracy is terrible and they need decent strength buffing to be worth considering.(Trance and Lunar Force can help do this)  The level you can gain from these skills can combo well with Restrain.

Alternative to Faith and Optical - Optical and Faith are the main schools with level erase moves.  Additionally you could use Ki's skill Exhaust for other level erasing.

Greedy Spirit against Orb/Amulet and Retain Skills like Reincarnation, Photon Barrier, and Arrow of Artemis - This move can shortly reduce opponents hit by it down to 0 aura, enabling Erase moves to work against Amulet, Orb, and retain skill users.  You have to be very quick with the timing of this though.  

5AR Support Arsenals

These are arsenals play more of a supportive role in combat, perfect for tag. They involve using moves that help your teammate out which can include moves like Friendship, Alleviate, and Level Berserk. You can use Doppleganger to copy the stat boosts you gave to a teammate. Another approach is to serve as more of a distraction, such as going invisible and firing Decoy at your opponents while you're teammate goes after your disoriented opponent. Decoy by itself will work fine too. Other stun moves like Dazzle and Paralyze can fit well here. Annoying gifting good skills to a teammate or bad ones to opponents are other potential routes you can follow.  An arsenal using Reincarnation can also let you play supportively.  The accuracy of Reincarnation tends to force a player to make a dodge maneuver or to block it.  Since Reincarnation is hard to erase, it can provide good pressure support for your teammate and last a long time.  

6AR Dance of Death, Crystallization, Bundled Blaster, and Bundled Laser Arsenals

These skills do X damage based on the combined strength of a certain type of attack skills you have equipped.  (Things like Ki close range attacks for Dance of Death, "Piece" moves for Crystallization, etc.) Basically you’ll want to pick moves that make these skills powerful. Dance of Death and 3 swift blows(for 21 damage) or Bundled Blaster and 3 Vibration Blasters for 18 damage.  Some of these styles are easier to use than others. Being invisible or having a distracted opponent can make something like Dance of Death easier to pull off.  Speed boosts can help too.  You could consider the skill Commandments to protect against erase moves as you could be running around without shields while using these moves. Mephisto’s Pact can make picking the most powerful attacks to go with your skill easier.(Relearning Mephisto's Pact can combine with that as well)  The biggest weaknesses of Dance of Death arsenals are that it is not the hardest skill to dodge in the world.(doing it from far close range is more effective though.) While Bundled Blaster and Laser have good accuracy they can be harder to set up and are one time use.(Bundled Laser is rather hard to justify)  A Bundled Blaster doing 18 damage is very powerful and punishing.  Crystallization is decent for accuracy, but can be reasonably cartwheeled.(jumpers can’t dodge it) 

Issues -  The biggest drawback to all these types are that for them to be at their most powerful you can’t have any defensive moves in your hand. This leaves you open to all sorts of erase and attack moves if you decide to make these X attacks as powerful as possible. Whether you choose a cartwheeler or jumper you will still have some attack types that you're weaker against and will be open without defenses equipped. Sometimes you can’t do a whole lot besides use the main move in the arsenal. On the plus side you can have good start up times for some powerful moves.  It could be worth considering using just 2 moves to combine with these X moves.  A Dance of Death doing 10 damage is still great damage and a second hit of it will finish off an opponent.  If you go for the 21 damage version of Dance of Death with 3 Swift Blows you lose any defensive options besides speed boosts. 

Some Interesting Setups and Numbers 


1.  Crystallization and 3 Pieces of Fires - Will let Crystallization do 9 damage.  Breaks any shield.

2.  Crystallization and 2 Piece of Fires - This will give you a medium range Nature skill with damage comparable to other big damage projectiles in other schools like Fire of Gehenna, Vibration Blaster, Rail Gun, and Heat from Void.  Add Heats or a Stimulus  to your arsenal and you can continue to compete with the other skills'  high damage levels.  The main alternative to Crystallization in Nature is Memory of Battle.(which is more flexible since you only need to have one Memory of Battle in hand for it to be used for big damage)  Compared to Memory of Battle, Crystallization shoots out faster and can be shot while in the sky.  

3.  Crystallization + Piece Attack Skill that erases something on your target + Other Pieces - You can stun an opponent with a Piece move that erases something on an opponent, and follow up with Crystallization.(Crystallization is weakened afterwards though) 

Dance of Death

1.  Dance of Death + 3 Swift Blows - At 21 damage, a guaranteed kill in Standard mode.

2.  Dance of Death + 1 Swift Blow- Gives Ki a guaranteed 7 Damage infinite use short range move while still allowing the use of other skills.(Breaks all but 2 shields in the game.  Main infinite use big damage close range alternatives to Dance of Death in Ki school are Aura Backflow, and Vacuum Palm to a lesser extent.  Dance of Death's damage numbers are more reliable in this setup.(but requires holding 2 skills.)

3.  Dance of Death + Pursuit / Sky Pursuit - You can hold onto just the skill Pursuit/Sky Pursuit to count as close range melee moves to add to Dance of Death's strength.  If you got 7-8 aura and one Dance of Death and Pursuit you can basically do 6 damage when you connect Dance of Death.(3 for hitting and then another 3 for damaging them with Pursuit while opponent is downed)

4.  Dance of Death + Swift Blow + Pursuit / Sky Pursuit - Big 10-13 Damage set up.  Allows one other move to be used with it

5.  Dance of Death + 2 Swift Blows + Pursuit / Sky Pursuit - Can do 20 Damage.  2 Swift Blows and Pursuit give you a 17 damage Dance of Death.  Follow up with Pursuit / Sky Pursuit to do 20 damage.   

6.  Dance of Death, 2 Swift Blows + Splashdown +1 extra attack power = 20 damage 

Bundled Blaster

1.  Bundled Blaster + 3 Vibration Blasters - 18 damage.  That's a lot.

2.  Bundled Blaster + 2 Vibration Blasters - 12 Damage to break any shield.

3.  Bundled Blaster + 1 Vibration Blaster + Blaster/Mist Blaster- 10 Damage to break any shield.

4.  Bundled Blaster + 2 Blasters/Mist Blasters - 8 Damage to break any shield except Psychic Wall.

Single School Benefit - High Powered Bundled Blasters are one of the few ways Optical School can break high defense shields.  


Bundled Laser

1.  Bundled Laser + 3 Vibration Lasers/Mist Lasers - 9 Damage.  Can break any shield.

2.  Bundled Laser + 2 Vibration Lasers/Mist Lasers - 6 damage I guess.  With a stat buff you can break most shields. 

3.  Bundled Laser + 1 Vibration Laser / Mist Laser + Slide/Twist Laser - Breaks any projectile erase shield to let your Lasers follow up safely.   

Low Cost Single school power move - Maybe there is some use in a Single School Optical looking to stay low cost while avoiding using many Blasters.

7AR Zero Cost Arsenals

These arsenals have 0 or X cost skills only, needing no aura. Trance and Rebirth will help you greatly. This arsenal can have trouble with shields as most 0 cost moves besides Agonies of Death can be blocked/erased easily. The greatest asset is that level erasing means squat to you and you don’t have to worry about being aura screwed at start.(can still get bad hands of course) This can work pretty well in tag especially if paired with a teammate's Vicious Balance arsenal.(it will drop everyone else to 0 level)  Since aura regen will mean almost nothing to you, you should go with a 3 school arsenal case.


8AR Vibration Arsenals

Get your level up to 10 or more to use powerful attacks that require 10 or more Level to use.(Vibration Laser and Vibration Blaster) The biggest downside is getting and staying at Level 10. Orb or Amulet could be useful in this arsenal. You may also notice that certain moves like Laser and Blaster with a Tiger’s strength look almost as good as their vibration versions. Still, you can walk out of Laser much more easily  than Vibration Laser which often requires jumping or cartwheeling to dodge. If you Tiger's Strength the Vibration moves you'll do 5 damage with Vibration Laser which will knock down opponents in one hit. Having an 8 damage strength Vibration Blaster can really hurt your opponent and break any shield in the game besides Psychic Wall. 

 It may be tempting to use Vibration Laser with Optimization to make it cost 0, but you can make it easier for people to block many attacks since defense is cheap with Optimization out.  Some people will opt for Optimization if they are using lots of Heats or Stimulates as the aura regen can otherwise make Vibration Laser use slower.(I'm talking about 7+ damage Vibration Laser strategies)  Another mix up tactic that might work more easily with Optimization is to alternate using Triple Laser with Vibration Laser.  This can make dodging timing difficult for jumpers.

El Bomb combined with Vibration Blaster can throw opponents off with the similar animations but you need lots of Level to keep it going.  Level Amps, Quantum Amps and Boost Mines with Level Boost or Level Berserk can help get you up to and stay at 10 Level more easily.  Using 3+ Level Amp/Boost Mine moves can help get your Level up quicker.  You may find yourself getting away with just having 12 aura in these arsenals.  In those kinds of setups you try to actively make sure your starting hand has 3 aura by using the back button to reshuffle when it doesn't seem you'll get 3 aura.  (If you can pull that off things will go more smoothly with aura boosting skills)  If you and a teammate carry Level Berserks, they are probably the easiest and quickest way to boost level.  (Though you might have to go out of your way to target each other)

9AR Blazing Arsenals

They have at least some Nature skills that require 15 or more life to use. Blazing Sword, Blazing Bullet, and Blazing Storm are your choices.  These skills are strong and inexpensive. The biggest weakness is keeping your self at 15 life. Healing moves and life gaining attacks work well here. Erase or strong defense shields help keep you up on life. These work best jumping the gun on an opponent before they're truly ready. It's wise to have a few other moves besides Blazing attacks.  You can use moves like Vampire Bats, Life Giving Sword, Rafflessia Fang and Digestion to gain back life as an alternative to the status moves that heal. (Nature, Ki, and Faith each have moves for gaining life.)  While these arsenals have a pressuring quality to them, you need to be careful not to get hurt too much to keep using Blazing moves.  Sometimes just getting opponents using Blazing moves below 15 life can turn the match around for you.  

10AR Floating Environmental Arsenals (Every Environmental Based arsenal concept is covered here.  If you want to jump ahead to the next non-Environmental arsenal types covered Click here)

These arsenals can greatly benefit from having an environmental out especially if it is floating so it can’t be grabbed. Carrying Orb will make it very hard for the environmental to be erased.(except Chaos and Stagnant Air's case)  Freezing someone before you erase their environmental is a useful tactic in stopping Orb.  Greedy Spirit can also be used to knock players down to 0 aura so your environmental erase can go through.  (timing is hard though as hit player can regenerate aura fairly quick)

Environmental Floating Strategies

Depending on your arsenal you can be severely hurt by someone using these moves.  Some Environmental floating arsenals' greatest strength is that they can cripple many arsenals and there are few things some arsenals can do when an Environmental is "permanently" down. Floating Environmental arsenals are usually designed to get around the penalties of the environmental they play.

Having an anti environmental skill like Judgment is very useful in dealing with these arsenals. Mephisto's Pact in an arsenal with an anti environmental like Judgment can serve as being like 2 Judgments to a certain degree.  You can use Mephisto's Pact when you really need that one Judgment or use it to get a more useful skill if your opponent isn't running environmentals.  A quick rush is sometimes enough to stop these arsenals from winning. They are often much less effective without their environmental out.  Also destroying places one can float an Environmental can make things just hard enough that you can defeat or greatly weaken your opponent before they get their environmental floated.  If you are playing at the Lane stage there is a platform you can only reach using a Special Jump Skill.  Check out the Sein level section run down to see the patterns of how the platforms break allowing you to float Environmentals there.  See the floating environmentals section on more ways to thwart floating environmentals.

Some Environmentals play a supportive role like Lunar Force or Holy Ray boosting or reducing people's stats a little more.  Some are much more dramatic in what they change.  Note that you don't always have to float environmentals to get the most out of them.  Some arsenals may benefit more from having an environmental out for only a limited time.  Below are some of the strategies built around floated environmentals as well as uses of them in general.  

Memory Lapse - use Reincarnation type retain moves or lock moves like Sign of Saints.  To a certain degree, Recall can help fight against Memory Lapse.  Be careful when you use your now single use skills.  If players do not have retain skills or Recalls, they will slowly run you out of things they can do.  Memory Lapse can be used offensively or as a way to help erase capsules by forcing players to use up more skills.  This is the hardest environmental to erase when the opponent has Orb as Memory Lapse makes any anti environmental skill into a single use move which Orb can protect from for 2 aura.  

Reduce Entropy -   If opponents don't have skills that cost less than 3, they can’t do anything while Reduce Entropy is down. Use mostly skills that cost 2 or less in these arsenals. You'll want a 3 cost anti environmental like Crush or Return to Nature to stop the Environmental Chaos from screwing your Reduce Entropy arsenals.  Using Shatter and Eliminate to erase players to death while Reduce Entropy is out is one option available.  You can also use these arsenals offensively as well.  Interesting note:  no shield with a strength greater than 6 is usable while this skill is out.  

Chaos - If your opponents have only skills that cost 2 or less they can't do anything while Chaos is out.  This can screw Reduce Entropy arsenals and many Vicious Balance arsenals. Chaos will stop Orb and Amulet allowing you to erase more easily.  But it also means you can't protect Chaos with an Orb or Amulet like you can with most environmentals.  Although Chaos is kind of the opposite of Reduce Entropy, it seems like more arsenals can adapt to Chaos being out than against Reduce Entropy.  One difficulty with Chaos is it makes a large amount of shields unusable in Ki, Optical, and Faith arsenals.  In general Psycho and Nature seem the most adaptable to Chaos being out.(not that the other schools don't offer some other strategies with it)  Floating Chaos will make most of the commonly spammed lasers in the game unusable.(With Triple Laser being a notable exception)  Chaos will also make Reincarnation unusable too.  The strongest defense available between Ki, Optical, and Faith is only 4 with the 4 cost Reflect Mirror shield.  If you only use those schools you may find a Cartwheeler more worth using as it can be reasonable to dodge strong attacks, while still having shields to compete against stun moves which cartwheelers are more vulnerable to.  You could consider Invulnerability for defense too while Chaos is out for Faith arsenals.

Forest Sanctuary - Use debilitating shields like Glacial Wall against only 3 or less damage dealing moves.  Some of the greater appeal of Forest Sanctuary is that it helps erase strategies. Limiting attacks to 3 strength max will allow your erase shields to last a lot longer.  It makes it easier to repeatedly freeze someone with Glacial Wall and then start erasing their capsules as well. One way to get around Forest Sanctuary's attack limitations is to shoot a slower moving attack and then shoot a faster moving attack to try and hit someone's shield at the same time.  The damage of the 2 attacks hitting simultaneously can do up to 6 damage, enough to break any erase shield besides Fortress of Iron.  If your opponents boosted their strength much before Forest Sanctuary got put out, there may be few or 0 skills they can use against you now.  Although much erase gets boosted by Forest Sanctuary, attack oriented arsenals are another possibility.  Using Reincarnation or stun moves could be pretty useful, rather than risking other attacks being erased first.  Forest Sanctuary can limit a significant amount of attack skills while still giving you a lot of other moves that you can use compared to some of the other debilitating environmentals.  One other potential bonus is X cost moves or attacks that do X damage are not usable either.(Including Memory of Battle and Dance of Death)  Because your attack power is limited, you will want to consider using shield erasing penetrating skills like Judge of Ares, Shield Slayer, and Dragon Slayer.  (Especially if you're arsenal is more attack oriented)

Forest Sanctuary Damage Tricks- Skills that shoot out multiple individual attacks like Triple Laser can get around the 3 damage restriction.  If you have +2 strength, all 3 of your lasers will do 3 damage each.  If someone blocks all 3 you can basically destroy any shield in the game.  Other moves that can get around these restrictions are Double Laser, Octolaser, Ricochet Laser, and Ground Laser.  

Irregular Rhythm - You may get more out of using cheaper costs moves including defenses to outmaneuver your opponent's arsenals.  Picking the shield Protect over Guard is one example of what you may consider.  The hope is that keeping Irregular Rhythm out will make your opponent's arsenals harder to succeed with while you're cheaper cost skills try to get around the challenges of everything costing more.  The challenge of relying on cheaper moves is that they tend to do less damage making it possible for some shields to erase multiple skills.  If you're using cheaper shields you also run the risk of losing shields more easily.  Despite that Irregular Rhythm is one of the stronger environmentals to build arsenals around.  It can also make opponent moves like a 6 cost Vacuum Wall 12 cost, making it a lot more difficult to use.

Fatigue -  Fatigue has similar positives and negatives as Irregular Rhythm.  One way to take great advantage of Fatigue is to use cheap or X cost skills that you can use over and over with a strength boost. i.e. Ki Cannon, Ki Palm, Lingering Flame.  If your opponent has to keep moving to dodge these moves they won't be able to regenerate aura to fight back against you.  The level City provides a good example of this kind of situation.  Fatigue also tends to be good at baiting people if you don't float it because a lot of arsenals don't want it out.

Optimization -
While there’s no definitive Optimization arsenal, there are certain skills that are expensive which are easier to use with Optimization down. Besides using powerful expensive skills more quickly it becomes easier to use other moves over and over.(Ricochet Laser with Optimization is effective on Panorama)  Taking down an opponent’s Optimization can help change the tide of a match.  Lowering an opponent’s level can make it a bit more difficult for someone to succeed with more expensive skills.  However, Optimization can make a lot of level erase insignificant.(possibly a great reason to float it in a match)  Expensive but powerful combos can become easier to do when Optimization is down as well. The biggest downside is there are many other arsenals that can benefit from Optimization being down.  Sometimes you're better off not using it/floating it if you think your opponent has a bad hand. It is usually a bad idea to play Optimization when 2 opponents are alive in tag and your teammate is dead. Take it down if you can when you need to get to your teammate. Many a player has died insisting on leaving Optimization out while they try to pick up their teammate.  It is much easier to get to a teammate when your opponents have a more limited amount of shots to take at you.  Some interesting skill effects with Optimization:  Aura Cannon will cost only 3 letting you follow up with other moves after you shoot it.(or let you reuse it more quickly if you lower your total Level)  Moves like Ice Sword that cost +1 for each use will only increase by +.5 per use rounded down.(giving you greater number of uses with these skills)  Entangle in a 2 School arsenal with default aura regen can stun someone Infinitely.  This is probably also possible with Pin Down in a 2 school arsenal.(You may need +2 aura regen for infinite Pin Down)

Soul Cage- A risky skill to float.  You're gambling that you won't need to pick up as many skills as your opponents.  Erase moves will force your opponent to pick up skills and take damage.  However, aside from Disremember and Capsule deleters, erase moves are mostly single use so you may end up in a difficult situation yourself.  You might be able to counteract this with some healing moves thrown in.  Infinite use and retain moves are worth considering.  Nature also has attack moves like Storm Blade, Lightning Sword, and Lightning Blade that can erase skills and be used several times.  Other than that you may find yourself hesitating on going through with floating Soul Cage sometimes.  But if your opponents are down to 1, Soul Cage is rather nice to float.  It's also a good way to punish Recall arsenals. If you're erasing an opponent's capsules with Diabolical Trick, it is a good way to punish people who try to pick up the skills you're trying to erase.  Another option with the skill is to put it out temporarily just to do some damage to an opponent who decides it's worth taking damage to pick up some capsules anyway.  


Backdraft - Even more risky to float than Soul Cage.  Healing moves will be even more important.  Other than healing skills, there are shields and attack moves that can gain you life as well.(like Wings of Hope)  Backdraft is great for cutting down on people spamming.  It also makes quite a few life draining skills in Faith even more punishing to use.  Level erasing an opponent is going to be extra painful as they take damage to use more aura particles.  Tempting your opponent to whiff attacks will hurt them each time.  Hide behind those objects!  Cartwheeling could be preferable as you can dodge moves more repeatedly without using skills.  But that is going to depend partly on what your opponent actually uses.   If the skills are anti carthweeler then it doesn't matter that you can dodge other moves.  Backdraft is powerful but not always worth floating. Floating it can lead to impossible to win situations if you or your opponents' life totals are too low to use things.  

Athena's Command - Not as powerful as Forest Sanctuary but it does have some good uses.  It can cut down on some spam moves.  If you lower your opponents' attack power it will be impossible for them to use quite a few attacks.  Overall it's not as effective for erase strategies compared to Forest Sanctuary, but it does let you use more powerful attacks.  It can also stop some powerful moves from even being usable.  Like Forest Sanctuary, X cost moves or attacks that do X damage are not usable.  This can shut down some schools' more powerful moves like Memory of Battle, Dance of Death, Bundled Blaster, Sign of Saints, Psycho Burst, and Aura Backflow among others.  The desire to use those types of moves in an arsenal may make you think twice about always floating Athena's Command.

Confused Gravity - Reversing an opponent's movement controls is very disorienting for some.  It can make moves harder to dodge due to the clumsy controls.  Some people get a lot more rattled by it than others.  Though good in theory, it sometimes doesn't have as strong of an effect as you'd like on some players.  Refinery is the classic stage to float this at as players tend to accidentally fall off ledges there.  It would seem to help make moves harder to dodge.  Speed reductions or even boosts might have useful effects with throwing people off.  You'll have to see for yourself.  If you want extra confusion with an opponent you could try using Dazzle on them while this is out.  


Dense Fog -Reducing the default homing of players by 3 is useful for several reasons.  The lowered accuracy boosts the power of moves not affected by homing. This gives a boost to close range attacks as homing doesn't affect short range moves.  Other moves not affected by homing changes are Holes, Rain, Move, and Mines.  Other attacks may still be pretty accurate and you should consider them.(Venom Fang)  Another big deal about -3 homing is that Dash can now dodge highly accurate stun moves like Dazzle.(also makes highly accurate Erase moves dodgeable)  One strategy is to get close to your opponent with short range attacks to more easily dodge ranged attacks.  The -3 homing can also allow Freia Jumpers to dodge a lot more attacks with their jump, including Heat from Void and Aura Cannon*.(My notes say I've dodged Aura Cannon with -3 homing, but I've had trouble with it till -4 when testing again)  Default Jumpers also can dodge more skills but there are still certain skills only the Freia Jumper type can dodge with just Dense Fog out. (with additional homing reductions from Magnetic Field, Default jumpers can dodge even more things)  Cartwheelers can also dodge moves more easily with Dense Fog out.  For more homing effects details check out the Homing Section

Accelerate - Can be very useful in Recall arsenals.  Can also help you get more skills quickly to speed up your strategy.  Unfortunately, rather useless if you get it late game and aren't able to Recall skills.

Quiet Days - This can hinder Recall arsenals.  If you feel you're at an advantage in the match, you can float it to make it harder for your opponent to get the skills they need. Also rather useless late game if no one uses Recall.  Compared to Accelerate, Quiet Days does not slowed  capsule spawning rate at as high of a rate that Accelerate speeds things up.

Berserk - This can be useful in arsenals with powerful attacks.  You may find yourself not doing that much more damage with Berserk, so you'll have to decide whether it's worth it to limit your own shields/defenses.  Still it is possible for things to add up after awhile.  Judge of Anubis may be one of the better attacks to use with Berserk.  Course shields and Dash could be worth considering to avoid pierce attacks from opponents.  An interesting thing to note is that the "Add effect" will carry over to shields that get pierced.  For example if I shoot Vampire Bats at you, which gives life to me equal to the damage it does, and you block the bats with a 1 Defense Photon Barrier, you take 2 pierce damage but I also gain 2 life from the pierce damage.  Another example, a Storm Blade with piercing blocked by Photon Barrier will cause your opponent to take 1 damage AND have one attack erased from their hand just like Storm Blade regularly does.  One particularly nice benefit of Berserk is that it will punish people who use Photon Barrier which can sometimes be a troublesome shield to get past.  

Necronomicon - This skill was mistranslated in the original Phantom Dust so I'll explain it here.  It only takes away the "Add:" effect on any attack skill.  Pierce attacks like Vacuum Slash have "Add: Piercing" for example.   With Necronomicon out the skill can't Pierce shields.  This benefits the shield Photon Barrier a lot.  In general it makes blocking attacks with shields that have low defense more safe.  Vampire Bats will not give someone any life when they hit an opponent while Necronomicon is out.  Other interesting effects of Necronomicon is that it will stop Reincarnation and Arrow of Artemis from retaining themselves.  Necronomicon makes Invulnerability and Void safer moves as the add effect on attacks are negated.  If you're in the Invulnerability or Void skill state, something like Storm Blade won't erase an attack from you when it hits you while Necronomicon is out.  

Nature's Blessing -  It's most interesting use is probably with Recall arsenals as you gain life back for each Aura particle captured.(It might make you consider using aura particles more than Level Amps in certain Recall arsenals)  This could also be a little useful to gain life back for Blazing Arsenals too.  But it's slow in doing so, and if you go the Recall route for Blazing moves, it takes quite a bit of time.  The longer a match goes the less likely you'll be at 15+ Health.  It could also give your opponent a little more life to last longer against your Blazing moves.(worth considering before using in a match)  Another option Nature's Blessing gives you is if you want a teammate or someone else to gain a little life back, Nature's Blessing can help. Particle Convert can get you or others a little more benefit.  It also "quietly" encourages people to pick up capsules so you won't have to do the capsule erasing yourself.  Nature has quite a few life gaining skills making this not a particularly stand out Environmental.(Still Recall could have potential...)  Not worth floating if most of your aura particles have been picked up.(unless it's to stop other environmental floating)

Commandments - Stops all Erase skills for 1 minute. Its limited time hurts its appeal.  You could have erase moves not usable for up to 3 minutes of a match.  Might be particularly useful when you're using skills that are more powerful when you don't have defenses equipped.  Dance of Death with 3 Swift Blows for example.  You can do 21 in this state and as a cartwheeler there will be less projectiles that can hit you easily.(Stops Lack for example)  Recall Arsenals having to sit on Violent Changes to use might get thrown off by Commandments being used as well.  

- This one is simple to justify Floating.  Float it so no one else can float their environmental.  Unison does nothing else in the match. You'll either use it to get an aura particle, bait opponents, or float it to stop anyone else from using their own environmental.

Lunar Force - A useful and practical attack buffer.  It can be combined with other moves like Trance, Tiger's Strength, Heat etc..  Very useful for racking up big damage with Faith, especially when using life losing moves.  As a bonus, anyone who ha s a positive or negative attack rating from Lunar Force can be stunned with Armaros Watch which is in the same school as Lunar Force.(Almost like giving Faith a Dazzle like stun move)  On the other hand opponents can benefit from Lunar Force too.  You'll need to think about how tough the shields are that you will use. Fire of Gehenna combined with Trance and Lunar Force can break any shield in the game.  (9 damage)

Abnormal Gravity
- A useful and practical speed decreaser.  Hitting an opponent with 1 Burden and then putting this out can really slow an opponent down.  It can be easier to Burden someone once and then place Abnormal Gravity out instead of trying to hit someone twice with Burdens.  Getting someone down to -4 speed is pretty punishing, especially against Freia Jumpers. Lowered speeds can make targets easier to hit with Rain attacks among other things.  Another tactic around the environmental is for people to use Skywalk.  When you use Skywalk you move faster and are not effected by Abnormal Gravity's speed reducing effects.

Holy Ray
- A useful and practical attack power decreaser.  It can be easier to hit an opponent with one Doze and put Holy Ray out to lower an opponent's attack to -2 instead of hitting someone with 2 Dozes.  Lowered opponent attack power makes it easier to erase more attacks.  Reflect Shield can reflect a lot of attacks in the game when someone is at -2.(Granted you can still only reflect 4 damage or less attacks)  One thing to consider is if using Holy Ray is better to use than Athena's command.  Athena's Command can be more effective in punishing people who have low strength.  

New Uses From Weakness -
Another trick with Holy Ray is based around some moves taking advantage of you having -1 attack.  With -1 attack, Lightning Sword can hit someone for only 2 damage,(stopping them from getting knocked down)  If an opponent is hit and has a shield they'll go into a stun state from Lightning Sword.  You can follow up with many kinds of moves after the first hit.  You could even erase another shield if you just use Lightning Sword again and the opponent has another shield you can erase.  Earthquake with -1 power can be combined with Digestion to gain life without breaking your Digestion.  Try to find moves that might work better if they didn't actually knock down someone when you hit them to try and take advantage of Holy Ray.(Blazing Storm might be one...)  Illusion of Death at 4 damage could create combo opportunities since it goes through shields and doesn't automatically knock a player down.  Dance of Moths might be another for close range comboing.  

Desertification - This skill is interesting to consider.  If you use it against opponent's using 3 school arsenals they will feel like they're using a 4 school arsenal.  The differences Desertification might make in a match can be pretty subtle.  Anyone using a 2 school arsenal will now be working with what feels like a 3 school arsenal.(Which you'll have to consider yourself)  Arsenals that are 3 schools can make moves that cost 5 or more feel like they take dramatically longer to use, especially in matches with more than one opponent.  Since everyone is slowed by this it can be hard to notice the impact.  Perhaps an underlooked environmental though.  Aside from thinking of using lower cost moves, using Meditations or a Single School arsenal case  can counter your own reduced regen rate.  Ethos Inspiration from a teammate can also work.  Using Desertification is the most practical way to lower anyone's aura regen in the game.

Traveling Thought - Combined with Acquisition this is the quickest way in the game to boost homing.  Getting up to +7 can make certain moves undodgeable by cartwheelers.(Fire of Gehenna for example...)  It's the one of the few practical ways to boost homing with besides using Psycho School's Acquisition.  One Problem with it is your opponents could take advantage of it too.  You'll have to think about keeping yourself shielded more.  You could float this a bit more carelessly since it only lasts a minute but you have to be careful as to when you use it so it doesn't end up helping your opponents more.  You can check out the Homing Section for more ideas on boosting homing.  Perhaps Reflect or Reverse will benefit from your opponent's boosted homing...

Reduce Gravity - This environmental is hard to think of specifically good uses for.  Everyone's movement is faster, so it could theoretically let people dodge moves more easily.  It could also counteract a teammate who lost speed, but you probably would be better off just using Alleviate or a stat resetter/reverser.  It could always just be an environmental you can float who's effects are not particularly influential... especially if you're only using Psycho and don't like the idea of floating the environmentals Abnormal Gravity or Confused Gravity.  One other thing to keep in mind is some skills are made easier to dodge with a boost in speed so you might be less inclined to use them with this environmental out.

Anti School Environmentals - Pretty obvious that you would float these to take advantage of disabling a school.  You could try to bring them to specific stages against schools that you think an opponent would use at a particular level.  Also can be used against skills that make things difficult for your arsenal.

11AR Suicide Arsenals

There are many powerful skills in the Faith school that cost life to use as well as some skills that only work when you're life is low. These arsenals are pretty strong and can sometimes reward you for getting hurt a lot. These skills are often low cost to use too. The drawback is you can get killed in the process. A well defended opponent can be particularly punishing. And for each time you miss with these attacks your hurting yourself. It's a good idea to have some attacks that won’t deal damage to you when used.  Joke of Anubis can obliterate you if you're not careful. Having something to increase your strength like Trance or Tiger’s Strength can make these attacks a lot more effective. Luring your opponent into firing attacks that will miss you is a good way of hurting Suicide Arsenals.  Judge of Anubis can deal a lot of damage if you end up falling behind with your arsenal.  This arsenal is hardest to use in Battle Royale.  Consider Berserk for piercing.   

12AR Freezing Button Arsenals

You can focus on using skills that freeze an opponent’s buttons over and over.(Glacial Wall, Ice Sword)  Purify(from a teammate) and Necronomicon can help negate some of the freezing that goes on.  Frostbite, Freeze Shot, and Freeze Gas give you other freezing options.  Ice Sword is especially nice when you raise its attack to 3+ because it causes a knockdown on your opponent allowing you to recover aura and reposition yourself. Alternatively you can erase people's capsules when you freeze someone instead of continually freezing and damaging them.  Optimization can let you use moves like Ice Sword and Ice Lance much more.  Forest Sanctuary works great with Glacial Wall.  Using Relearns or Recalls can get you more Frostbites or get yourself another Ice Sword starting at 2 cost.    

13AR Sign of Saints Arsenals

This is an arsenal based around the skill Sign of Saints.  This skill's attack power is at its most powerful when you have no other skills in hand. 

About Boosting Attack Strength - Some approaches to making Sign of Saints stronger are to use stat boosting moves like Lunar Force, Heat, and Friendship.   Holding onto Tiger's Strength or Trance will lower the power of Sign of Saints by 2 negating their usefulness. 

One +2 Boost In Homing Is Very Useful - Boosting your homing by just +2 is a popular tactic as jumpers can't dodge Sign of Saints when homing is +2, and cartwheelers must now cartwheel to dodge the move.  

Unerasable - A big plus to this move is that it's a locked skill button so it can't be erased.  Since Sign of Saints is unerasable it can also be a good move just to harass or distract an opponent with over and over.  

Single Use Moves - Since Sign of Saints is the strongest with less skills in hand.  Having single use moves allows some flexibility while letting you power up Sign of Saints when you want.  

Erase Self and try to Erase Others - Another possibility is to use Calamity with Sign Of Saints, you basically can take a shot at erasing all your opponents' skills and free up room in your hand for Sign of Saints to do max damage by letting Calamity hit yourself.(Sign of Saints is unerasable) 

Using Doubles and Alternatives - If you have more than one Sign of Saints in your arsenal make sure that you don't start the match with 2 in hand. Having 2 locked buttons can be a real problem. One way to avoid this problem is to put one Sign of Saints in and put in 1 or 2 Mephisto's Pacts to pick up the one Sign of Saints in your arsenal.  Keep in mind though that if you're one Sign of Saints is erased from your spawn you won't be able to get it back even with Mephisto's Pact.  If you play tag it is possible to pick up a teammate with a locked skill button if you're Sign of Saints isn't considered useful enough in the match or you want to get rid of the 2nd one you accidentally picked up on a separate button.  Remember, you can map a 2nd Sign of Saints to the same button as the one Sign of Saints you already equipped instead of leaving it at your spawn point.   

Discard Unneeded Capsules or Disable Environmentals - If you want to pick up a skill from your spawn without having it take up a skill slot you can hit the button your Sign of Saints is attached to so it gets rid of the capsule picked up without getting rid of your Sign of Saints.  You can also disable environmentals with your Sign of Saints button instead of losing another skill.

Environmentals - Some useful environmentals with it can be Berserk and Lunar Force. Traveling Thought is another possibility but keep in mind that you will also be vulnerable to high homing attacks with just Sign of Saints in your hand.  

Holding no other skills - Be careful for Heat from the Void and Vacuum Palm because they can do 6 damage to you if you're only holding onto Sign of Saints.

Interesting Sign of Saints Use - Nathan 0 and The Wolf make interesting and effective use of Sign of Saints in a 4 school arsenal combination.  They are running 3 school arsenals each, with one player using Memory Lapse. Instead of boosting homing as is common with Sign of Saints, they decide to boost their stats in speed, attack power, and aura regen rate.  By boosting their attack to a high number they can hold more skills and still get very good damage with Sign of Saints.  High speed also serves as a defensive function without having to carry a defensive skill necessarily.  Since their strategy revolves around 4 different schools they also put in the time to add Meditatons to deal with the slower aura regen rate that you get running 3 schools.  Check out the arsenals in action:

14AR "Rush" Arsenals

No matter what arsenal you're using, you want to do things as quickly as possible.  A rush arsenal focuses on using more lower cost skills to hit quickly.  Something like Vibration or Compressor arsenals take more time to build up their power.  Rush arsenals will involve using some powerful and cheap cost moves or using some cheap cost moves with stat buffing moves like Trance or Tiger's Strength. Moves like Flame Sword are more punishing when they can kill someone in 4 hits. Sky Pursuit, Pursuit, and Backdraft Bullet can really stack damage on an opponent in quickly. Moves like Vacuum Slash or Psycho Spear can do a lot of damage for little cost. The Faith School has cheap cost skills that are especially powerful with strength boosts.  A perfect example is Fire of Gehenna, which is impossible for a jumper to dodge at default homing.  Add Trance with Fire of Gehenna and it only takes 3 hits to wipe an opponent out.  By taking the low cost skill route you can harass an opponent continually in the beginning.  Blazing arsenal skills can be another good rush style type example.  Bravery Decision arsenals that focus on using Bravery Decision early can work as rush arsenals.  One advantage of rush arsenals is when you're skills set up right, you can take advantage of opponent's with a bad hand. It's possible to wipe someone out before they can even do much. Some rush builds can also benefit from Mephisto's Pact because it makes it a lot easier to get a certain combination of moves together.

Ways of dealing with rushes include having something to fight back with early on or a good defense. Sometimes just lasting long enough early on is enough to turn the tide for you later in the match. Try to keep a level head and focus on avoiding the attacks when you can't do anything else.  A Psycho Spear can do a lot of damage but if you're ready you can usually avoid a Psycho Spear without issue. Dodging attacks and stalling can help when being rushed.

There are different approaches to how you can try to "rush" an opponent. You can be more single minded and count on just a few sets of moves to take out an opponent or you can mix up the skills to vary the ways in which you strike an opponent.  Relying on a single set of moves is perhaps the quickest way to rush but if it fails you're probably not going to win the match. The right "rush" can be a strange balancing act. If you don't carry much defense you'll leave yourself open but if you focus too much on trying to defend yourself against certain things, your arsenal becomes less of a rush arsenal.  Of course if you're early rush fails then you'll have a weaker strategy to work with. 

15AR "Single" Death Shot Arsenals

These arsenals involve setting up a powerful move or powerful combination of moves in order to nearly guarantee your opponent’s death. Some prime candidates for this are Finisher, Judge of Anubis, or 2 Gravity Presses with +2 strength. The best ones are usually designed to have a quick start up time, and have a good way of trapping an opponent so that you can set up an open shot on them that will take them out completely. 

Making it Work - There are many ways you can go about trapping an opponent or making your moves work.(Including stun moves, Environmental bait, mine traps, Berserk for piercing, and surely others...) 

Finisher Set Ups - A long stun from moves like Entangle among others can be combined with Graceful Woods to shoot Finisher in time while an opponent is still stunned.

The biggest drawback to these arsenals is you'll have less left to work with if you fail to finish an opponent off.  Try to think of what might hinder you from pulling off your finishing combination and put skills in that deal with those problems. The greatest appeal to these arsenals is perhaps the fact that you can get beaten up pretty badly and totally clinch the match with a single well timed "shot". If you have an opponent who keeps predictably firing a move at you over and over, you could even try to just fire your finishing attack at them at the same time to take the match. These arsenals will teach you the lesson to not be careless even if you are winning by a lot.  These arsenals may be best to use only occasionally as opponents are more likely to drop their guard after awhile.  Works best in One on One.

Speeding it Up - Mephisto's Pact can help gather key moves faster.  Bravery Decision and using Auto Capture attacks to go through an arsenal are other options. (Auto capture is probably the least likely to work out though)   

16AR Annoying Gift  to Annoy Arsenals 

Annoying Gift copies equipped skills in your hand it into your target’s hand.(Except for the button pressed to use Annoying Gift)  You can actually hurt your opponent in certain ways with Annoying Gift.

Annoying Gift + Guardian Angel +  ??????  

In this arsenal, the skill you Annoying Gift to hurt someone with is Guardian Angel.  Every time someone uses that move, they lose 2 life and go through a stun state.  The trick is finding a move that forces someone into the stun state until they die.

Ki Palm or Lingering Flame - These setups were among the most popular uses of the combo in the past.  In theory you keep hitting the opponent into the Guardian Angel stun state and they eventually run out of life.  Unfortunately, it is usually possible for opponents to eventually escape from the stun by mashing the jump/cartwheel button after being hit.  Quite a few people aren't aware of this, so you may get away with it against certain people.  You can see this happen against computer cartwheelers you stun who eventually break out of the stun.  Lingering Flame does have a better chance of restunning but still seems possible to break out of...   If Ki Palm actually worked it would be the quickest set up.(Possible to do it at the first spawning of skills in a match)

Freia Jumper Weakness - Freia jumpers may be more weak against the Guardian Angel stuns from Ki Palm and Lingering Flame.  Even if Freia Jumpers break out of the Guardian Angel stun, their landing delay may set them up to be stunned all over again.  STILL IT MIGHT BE POSSIBLE FOR THEM TO USE A SHIELD IF YOUR ANNOYING GIFT DOESN'T OVERWRITE IT.(THIS NEEDS TO BE VERIFIED)

UnbreakableScream of Evil is one skill that seems fast enough to definitely work easily and can't be broken out of when done at short range quickly.  The only problem is you need to have a higher life count than your opponent for it to work.  

Optimization Unbreakables - Optimization has led to a few other unbreakable set ups.  Unfortunately, with Optimization out there's a better chance you'll be spammed to death while carrying your own Guardian Angel. 

Best Optimization Set Ups Requiring Good Manual Aim ability - Laser and Vibration Laser both cost 0 when Optimization is out and shoot quickly.  If you can manually aim these quickly up close you should be able to finish your opponent off without your opponent breaking out of the stun.  You can't be lazy about aiming otherwise you'll eventually miss.  Laser is the quickest workable setup involving Optimization.  

"Easier" Optimization Options - Two other unbreakable options people have used with Optimization are using either Rapid Cannon or High-Speed Punch over and over because they hit so fast repeatedly.  It's easy to do up close, but you also need to build up a lot more aura to use these moves to kill in one sweep.  

Combined Unbreakables - Instead of using Optimization you can combine Scream of Evil with either Laser, Vibration Laser, Rapid Cannon, or High-Speed Punch for infinite stun.  These moves can follow up from each other.  This can help you get ahead of your opponent when they have more life than you.  3 Hits from these skills will do 6 damage to your opponent and might be just enough to get ahead.  Once ahead in life you can just Scream of Evil the target  until he's dead.  The downside to this setup is you have to hold 4 skills to set it up.  This means you can't have another skill to help trap someone with Annoying Gift.  (The 4 skills are Annoying Gift, Guardian Angel, Scream of Evil, and one of the other moves listed)

Graceful Woods and Level Boosting Alternatives - Instead of using Optimization you can boost yourself up to a lot of Level and then use Graceful Woods.  Getting 13+ Aura would be enough to use Laser/Vibration Laser to finish off an opponent you Annoying Gifted.  This would still let you have another skill to help trap opponents.

Other Options - I tried to find the quickest and cheapest ways to stun kill someone but you may find other skills usable when combining with Optimization or Graceful Woods with a lot level/aura.  I may have missed something as I've only recently explored these kinds of setups.

Gifting the Guardian Angel and successfully stunning someone continually and stunning them to death is kind of similar to the "single" death shot idea. Be careful, as an opponent jumper could take the risk to jump as you gift them so that they fall down and then use whatever move you were going to use on them back on you.  

Other Annoying Gift to Annoy Options

Annoying Gift + Trigger - Trigger can be used by a teammate to force someone to use an Annoying Gifted skill.  A not so practical but powerful Annoying Gift combo is to give an opponent Bravery Decision and Rebirth and then have a teammate trigger both buttons so all the person's aura is removed from their arsenal and their Level is reduced to 0. To avoid being Triggered, jump when Trigger is about to hit. Only skills that are usable in the air will trigger.  If you can't use the move in the air, you’ll just fall and not perform the Triggered skill. 

Annoying Gift + Locked Skills -  You could also try to give someone locked skill button moves like Orb or Sign of Saints. You could go as far as to Frostbite the one button they still don’t have a lock on. Then your opponent can’t do anything but use the lock skill. In tag you can pick someone up on one of the locked buttons and remove the locked skill from your hand. 

Annoying Gift + Pressure - This silly combo might allow you to infinitely stun one person in tag.  If only one opponent is alive, you might be able to use Pressure on them infinitely if you're teammate Annoying Gifts Pressure to you over and over between the stunning.  Might work but I haven't tested it with other people to see.  The Annoying Gifter might need to have a quicker aura regen case to Annoying Gift in time.  Optimization may be another alternative.  More to tie or annoy than to win...

Shenanigans - There are some fun ridiculous tactics you can use with Annoying Gift sometimes.(Give everyone Blessed Rain over and over till they get low on skills and then erase them. Give them a Judge of Anubis and pick up a shield that reverses it back at them. Try to trigger it if you're lucky)  Carry Annoying Gift over into Mobilize and give people more Mobilizes.

17AR Annoying Gift to Help Arsenals...
(and sometimes still Annoy)

Alternatively you could use Annoying Gift to help your teammate  reuse certain onetime use moves.  Chill Breeze Loop arsenals make use of Annoying Gift in a powerful way.  Other options can be stat buffers.  While you can probably Gift your teammate a few times in a match without much risk, you do have to worry about your opponents taking shots at you as you do this.  Person receiving the Gift should probably jump to fall down for invincibility when hit by Annoying Gift.  If you put Chaos out and then Annoying Gift  Quantum Decay and Boost Mine to a teammate you can erase a lot of an opponents' level.  Get both players to 6 Level, use Quantum Decay, plant 2 boost mines to get back to 6-7 Level, do Quantum Decay again till you bring your opponents' Level to 0.  Off course if opponents jump into your boost mines this won't work, so keep your distance.   

18AR Surprise Arsenals

These are arsenals that in some ways don’t make much sense to an opponent. You could put moves in that are contradictory. Like playing with both a Reduce Entropy and Chaos or an Optimization and Irregular Rhythm. Basically your arsenal appears to do one thing but it actually has another thing going on that it can do.  To get around both Chaos and Reduce Entropy you can mix skills in that work under a different condition.(Recollection is actually a cool way of making skills that cost more than 3 work under Reduce Entropy) Your opponent could run through his arsenal picking up skills that cost 2 or less to deal with Reduce Entropy and then you could pick it up only to play Chaos and make them have to return to their spawn to try to find a new set of skills with costs of 3 or more. With Optimization and Irregular Rhythm you could appear to be relying on Optimization to use moves and then later bust out Irregular Rhythm much to your opponent’s surprise. You could even Vicious Balance everyone down to 2 late in a match even though you appeared to be using an arsenal relying on a high level. Obviously the best strength of this arsenal type is the unpredictability it can have. But since you’re working around 2 different approaches it can be difficult to be as focused since some moves you use won’t work as well under the different conditions you set.  Might work best in Battle Royale for flexibility and the chance to draw out matches.  

19AR Phantom Dust(the skill) arsenals

First let's get out of the way what you need to cast Phantom Dust.  By yourself you need Faith, Nature, and Optical skills in your arsenal.  You want Level Boost and Level Amps or Boost mines to raise your level.  A teammate could also use Level Berserk on you instead, or less efficiently, Annoying Gift you with Level raising move moves like Level Boost.  You pretty much must have Graceful Woods in your arsenal to use Phantom Dust.  it's not practical to regenerate 45-99 aura.  If you want Phantom Dust to cost 45 you will use Optimization.  

Now you can technically use Phantom Dust.  What's it do to players not knocked out?  

1.  It brings everyone's Level down to 0.  (Orb and Amulet don't stop this)

2.  Your life is refilled to the max.(20 by default)  If you got knocked out once in a tag match you will only get life refilled to 10.   

3.  All skills that you have used up or had erased from your hand will be returned to your arsenal.  Any capsules thwart were erased at your spawn will not be returned to your arsenal. Note:  The Phantom Dust skill you use does not go back into your arsenal.  You'll need more than one Phantom Dust in your arsenal if you want to repeat it multiple times.(Each Phantom Dust will recover the other Phantom Dust(s) when used)  Recall could technically recover the used up Phantom Dust, but it isn't practical.

4.  Any environmental put in play remains up.  

5.  All Player stats are reset to the default starting ones.  

What Phantom Dust gets used for:

A)  "Reset" the Match with a Powerful Set Up - By yourself, if you hold onto an aura particle or 2 when using Phantom Dust you can immediately bring your level up right after Phantom Dust is used.  Everyone else will usually need to go to their spawn to pick up more aura particles.  To make this trick particularly useful you need to have put out Optimization before casting Phantom Dust.  With one or two Level or may be even 3 from a level amp you can jump the gun in Level against your opponent.  So you could use some good combination of cheap moves.  Having a Blazing Sword, an Ice Sword and possibly a Glacial Wall is the best situation I can think of.  Blazing Sword is hard to dodge and powerful and only costs 1.  Ice Sword can stop players from picking up aura they need.   The hope is to wipe your opponent out before they can get much going.

B)  Knock Teammate Out, then Phantom Dust, then Resurrect - Players that are knocked out in the match won't get affected by Phantom Dust.  So knock out your teammate and then cast Phantom Dust.  Resurrect your teammate and he can go after the other opponents.  Judge of Anubis can work quite well for this purpose since your teammate will revive at 10 if they were only knocked out once.  If your opponents see Phantom Dust coming they could kill one of their own teammates to avoid it themselves.  

C)  Long Capsule Erase Strategy? - Erased capsules don't come back so you could delete some capsules and then use Phantom Dust and run your opponent's arsenal out little by little.  While possible I'm not sure there is enough time in a match to even pull this off, especially when matches are only 10 minutes long.  Might be more doable in Tag.  Level Berserk could help.

D)  Jokes- As a joke arsenal you can just keep recasting Phantom Dusts over and over to try to tie out the match, not actually practical.  For added comic relief you could throw in Finisher if you're ability to cast Phantom Dust fails.  Go ahead keep popping my capsules....  Of course if they never attack you while you're at max level that won't work.  But you'll probably catch most players not familiar with that trick...

20AR Copy Cat Arsenals

These arsenals usually revolve around either Thieving Imp, Learning or Copy. You basically throw back at your opponent what they've done to you or steal their strategy with Thieving Imp. These arsenals can be fun but there are some big disadvantages to them. While Thieving Imp will at least deprive someone of their skill, the move you steal could be useless to you. The Memory of Battle you Copied or Stole won't be nearly as useful as the one your opponent could be using. Learning can't learn a move that breaks its shield. Because of this you're almost better off playing with a strategy of your own. There are some tricks you can do that are fun though with this arsenal style. You can Learn someone's attack and then erase their attack with another shield the next time they fire at you. If you use Invulnerability you can Copy an attack move with Copy without actually taking damage. Since Copy costs 0 it can have a good surprise effect. Copy also has no restrictions so you could do Agonies of Death at over 7 life if you were hit by one earlier. You can also have a teammate fire at you for Learning something guaranteed.  You may be able to Recall Thieving Imp or you might end up recalling the skill stolen instead.(I am not sure which one you will get when you play online) You can Relearn Thieving Imp after stealing a capsule online. For some bizarre reason this does not work offline in the original Phantom Dust.(Relearning a Thieving Imp)   Necronomicon can be used to make Invulnerability safer to take hits with to "Copy" opponent attacks.  Freezing moves are useful to ensure you can Thieving Imp a capsule without a player picking it up instead to deprive you of a capsule.  Soul Cage could make them hesitate to pick up a capsule you want Thieving Imp.  Relearns can also let you duplicate moves that copy your opponent's strategy.  You can also use Void as a safer way to get hit by a move so you can reduce the bad effects you'll suffer from in order to Copy someone's skill.  

21AR "Anti Everything" Arsenals

Anti Everything Is a term that some people give to arsenals designed to try to stop certain troubling things an opponent can do such as floated environmentals, level erase, skill erase, stat buffs, defenses, and pesky special moves like Dash, and of course, attacks. In many ways these kinds of arsenals are part of what I've already talked about in dealing with specific issues in the game. However, they try to deal with all the possible issues. In reality they can't truly do that but their designed to possibly be able to stop troublesome moves an opponent has. 

Its Solutions - They may use skills like Turbulence and Wind pressure to stop people using things like environmentals, erase, and special/status skills. They also carry skills that erase environmentals that are out. They may carry Diabolical Trick as an alternative way to kill bothersome players who flee everything or just keep blocking things with shields. For protection from  erase they will have Orb or Amulet in them. They should have a mixed arrangement of low cost and high cost moves to avoid trouble with Reduce Entropy or Chaos. (Reduce Entropy is usually more difficult and common) They have skills that either reset or reverse status effects on people. You may have an environmental put in to stop someone else from putting their own out. 

The Dilemma - While these arsenals can have a nice balanced feel to them, depending on how far you go to be "anti everything" your offense can be underwhelming or you'll find yourself in situations that don't need all those "anti" skills . For example you can have a Turbulence and your opponent hasn't picked up anything erasable by it yet. It becomes dead weight. Another example, you can have an Orb in your hand but your opponent hasn't used any erase moves yet. Defensively the player will also use moves that try to stop particular weaknesses their characters have. Reincarnation is another popular move in these kinds of arsenals because of its reusability against erase shields and Memory Lapse. However, it's very hard if impossible to be truly anti everything. If the skill you need to stop what your opponent's doing is at the bottom of your arsenal it won't do much good. However, if you're arsenal is designed in general to deal with certain problems like Reduce Entropy you won't have as many problems with it.  Sometimes though, the best way to stop someone's strategy is to beat him to it with your own strategy rather than trying to have something to react to every possibility. With that being said there's still a lot of good in putting at least some of the things mentioned in "anti everything" arsenals into other arsenals.  

22AR Mobilize/Teleport Trap Arsenals

If you cast Mobilize at a ledge so that you fall off it at the end of the casting animation you will not get teleported by your Mobilize. Any other character in the air when Mobilize takes effect does not get teleported and will fall from the sky. Mobilize brings everyone caught in it to the same spot as the caster started at the beginning of the match. Another way of figuring out this location is to jump in a pit to get returned to your start point.  This is useful for figuring out where to set up a landmine for everyone to be Mobilized over. (such as Sensor Mine or Panic Gas)

Gravity Press Royale Kill - It's possible to Gravity Press everyone that gets Mobilized.  If you have +2 strength and use 2 Gravity Presses it's possible to kill everyone.  To do this you have to use Mobilize at ledge so you fall off it.(preventing yourself from getting teleported)  When doing this, target a person with at least 11 life if there is anyone above 10 life when you use Gravity Press.(otherwise your lock on gets turned off and you might not be able use the 2nd Gravity Press in time on the rest of the group.)  When the other players are Mobilized, they can end up close enough to each other for you to Gravity Press them all to death.

Autoshield Tricks - If you use a mine that stuns someone like Vapor Cloud or Anti Gravity Trap, and decide to get teleported with an auto shield equipped, you’ll have enough time to follow up with an attack while the other player is still stunned by the mine.(You're Autoshield protects you from the mine's stun effect)  Judge of Anubis is one good possible follow up move.  Sometimes people get knocked to the ground instead of getting stunned by the mines unfortunately. It seems like Vapor Cloud has this problem more than Anti Gravity Trap does.   Here's a video showing the Auto-Shield + Mobilize +Judge of Anubis +Anti Gravity Mine combo in action:    

Tag Mobilized Death and Other Options - When you're hit by teleportation moves like Mobilize, if you start up a move right before you teleport it will carry over to where you've been teleported.  This can lead to some useful tricks, especially with Mobilize.  In tag team you could have a partner cast Mobilize and if you time your 21 damage Dance of Death to carry over with Mobilize you have a good chance of knocking out your 2 opponents if they get caught in Mobilize.  Sometimes it doesn’t line everyone up right but if you succeed in hitting them nothing but an auto shield or Void will protect them from this combo. If two people carry their own attacks over one might counter the other or both will hit at the same time. I’ve never seen it happen so I don’t know how it would work out. Certain spawn points seem to work better than others for lining up people with Dance of Death or other attacks via Mobilize.(Highway's had some particularly bad results at some of the spawns) I'm not certain if there is a level where Mobilize + Dance of Death will always connect.  This trick can be especially effective against non jumping opponents.(though many still don’t bother to dodge it as jumpers) Some other skills you can carry over for nice effects are Calamity and Disintegrate with a teammate. (carry Amulet/ Orb for protection)  Be aware that even Calamity and Disintegrate can still miss teleported targets sometimes.  The easiest skill to use to see how these Mobilization tricks work is to have one person charge up Ki Palm the whole time while someone Mobilizes. This way you don’t have to time carrying over your move, the charged Ki Palm will release automatically when you're teleported. 

X Damage Based On Opponent Limit and Psycho Burst Loopholes - Any attacks that gets carried over by Mobilize without targeting a player are considered manual aim, so any X damage moves that rely on a stat about your opponent will do 0 + your attack strength's damage.  This would seem to stop someone from Psycho Bursting Mobilized opponents for any significant damage.  There is still a loophole that can work with a teammate.  When you use Psycho Burst it does damage based on someone you targeted in close range.(It does 0 if the target is not in close range when you activate the move)  Anyone else hit by Psycho Burst will also take the same amount of damage as the person you targeted in close range.(that's just how it's programmed even if other people have lower level)  So what you can do is get close to your teammate and lock on to him.  Get him to level 20 and have him cast Mobilize while you're in close range.  You'll use Psycho Burst right before Mobilize takes effect, if you're lucky both your opponents will line up with the 20 damage Psycho Burst hitting them.(potentially your teammate too.)  I've only tested this out offline split screen but it probably works online.  The only problem is that getting you and your teammate together in close range is practically saying "Hey, look we're going to Mobilize!"   Best used once in a while especially against a pair of cartwheelers.  Dance of Death for 20+ damage is perhaps the best version of the idea, but Psycho Burst could be used more casually.  

Alternative Psycho Burst Loophole - One other Psycho Burst loophole option is to pursue an opponent in close range and Psycho Burst right before getting Mobilized, when you get carried over your Psycho Burst will do the amount of damage equal to your target's Level.  Staying in range and timing your hit with Mobilize could get difficult.  (These tricks should work with Aura Backflow and other X Damage Based attacks, but they're even less practical...)

Protection from Mobilize - I am pretty sure you can’t carry shields over when Mobilize activates.(auto ones still work) Aside from jumping, carrying over your own attack seems like the best measure in dealing with Mobilize.(if you have no auto shield or Void) If you are far from your opponents they sometimes will not hear the sound of Mobilize, making it hard for them to know to jump out of it. Some attacks like Photon Burst don’t seem like they can be carried over. Experiment to find out what does and doesn’t work.(projectiles do work but probably won’t hit)  

Dance of Death Mobilize Demonstration  - Here's a video example of how Mobilize is cast by one player and another player's Dance of Death can carry over.  You'll see the first time Dance of Death misses but the 2nd Mobilize lines right up (which can happen to both of your opponents if you're lucky) :  

Other Teleports - It is also possible to carry over moves when getting hit by Teleport or Teleportrap.  Medium range X Damage moves will carry over and work as normal. 

Warning Signs - A sign that a Mobilize kill trap might be coming is if both opponents aren't doing anything and someone is using Mephisto's Pact.  Still a lot of other arsenals could do that as well.  Jumpers should really know when to jump against this move.  Cartwheelers will have a harder time dodging Mobilization's transportation effect but can try taking to the sky somehow in the match or try to carry their own attack over.  

23AR Bravery Decision Arsenals

These arsenals are usually quick. You pick up some aura and burn through your arsenal with Bravery Decision mainly so you can use skills that require you to have 7 or less skills in your arsenal to usable (Excalibur, Rail Gun, and Cluster Bomb). There are many variations on this idea but they usually revolve around those 3 skills in some way and removing the aura you didn’t pick up from your arsenal.  About the major 3 skills:

Rail Gun - Dazzle is often used as a stun move to follow up with Rail Gun. Rail Gun is also good to use as a reactionary attack or if you manually aim it. Firing it a lot can eventually catch opponents sometimes. It's also great on distracted opponents.  It is fast and can go long ranges even though it's listed as a medium range attack.  

Cluster Bomb - Cluster Bomb is probably the hardest bomb to dodge especially with some extra homing.  The speed can throw people off that are trying to block it.  

Excalibur - Perhaps the most accurate sword in the game and has high power. 

Options and Risks - You don't need to have all 3 of these skills in your arsenal necessarily.  The major short coming of this arsenal type is that if you fail with these skills you won’t have many options left in your arsenal. Anything that lowers your level or erases your skills and capsules can be fatal.(It's why it's called Bravery Decision) It might be worthwhile to carry an Orb or Amulet.  A cheap fall back skill might be useful otherwise.  Shield Erasers and strength boosters are also useful for breaking opponents' shields. You don’t want to end up losing to an opponent just because they had Fortress of Iron or Psychic Wall. These arsenals can also be built around using other moves and you just throw in Bravery Decision to have the option to get to your skills faster. Bravery Decision is often done though to make use of at least one of the 3 "Bravery" based skills.  

Recall - One other particular reason people use Bravery Decision is for certain Recall Arsenals.  The idea is to remove aura from the arsenal once you're able to use Recall.(This kind of Bravery Decision use will be covered more in the Recall section coming up)  

Decide When to Use It - When using Bravery Decision in an arsenal, it can be useful to figure out how much level you want to get before using Bravery Decision.   It is possible to use Bravery Decision and still have some sources of aura still left in your arsenal.  Things like Angel Tears, Boost Mines and other aura raising moves don't get taken out from Bravery Decision.  It is actually possible to start with 3 aura and use a Bravery Decision before picking up a single skill at your spawn.  To make up for so few particles picked up you would put things like Level Amp, Boost Mine, or Quantum Amp in your arsenal.  Since all you need is 3 aura to boost level with them, you can still boost yourself up a good amount of aura/level.  It is pretty reasonable for Bravery Decision arsenals to get down to 7 skills left by the second spawn in some builds.  You can even get it sometimes within the 1st spawn where only 10 seconds of the match has passed.  It's extremely risky but interesting to consider.  This would be one of the most extreme examples:  

1x Cluster Bomb

1x Excalibur

1x Rail Gun 

1x Psychic Wall

3x Bravery Decision

23 aura Particles.

arsenal note:  Make sure to use the back button if you don't spawn with Bravery Decision.  

Bravery Decision + Capsules About To Spawn - If you have aura particles that are about to spawn, Bravery Decision will not remove them.  Sometimes you can pick up 3 capsules before deciding to Bravery Decision.  One of the next 3 capsules might be an Aura particle.  If you only need one, you can risk using Bravery Decision sooner.  Not the best idea but might be worth doing in desperate situations.

24AR Recall + Relearn/Recollection style Arsenals And Configurations (things are getting complicated)

There are some arsenals that revolve around using a skill over and over repeatedly. Recall + Relearn and Recollection(for attacks) make it possible for you to use special one use kind of moves over and over. Ever wonder how your opponent keeps turning Invisible or how they keep firing Agonies of Death and Impact Burst at you over and over? It is likely that they're using some form of Recall, Relearn, or Recollection to keep doing it. It's also possible that they're using similar types of moves like Demon’s Wing and Optical Camo which both make a person invisible. Giga Ruin can be a pesky move for someone to keep having to deal with over and over. Another idea used is to Frostbite all of an opponent’s buttons. If you ever wanted to be able to use a certain single use move over and over, this is the best way to do it by yourself. Note that Recollection doesn’t get restricted by any of the penalties or requirements you used on an attack originally.  Judge of Anubis Recollected won’t cause you to lose 3 life and Agonies of Death can be Recollected(used by it) even if you now have more than 7 life.(when it normally it couldn’t be used)  

Managing Recall and Arsenal Erasing Tricks - Recall is very useful for Violent Change or other multi capsule erasing single use moves.  It also keeps your capsule count ahead of your opponents' so you don't erase yourself to death.  Recall brings back only skills/aura particles that you picked up and either used up, overwroter, or had erased from your hand.  If you had a capsule erased from your spawn point by something, you can't get that capsule back with Recall.  This can actually be helpful for you if you don't want a certain skill/aura particle anymore in the match.  If you have a skill at your spawn or aura particle you don't feel you will need for the match, you can erase it with Violent Change or Evaporate.  Then when you use Recall again you have a better chance of getting the skills you need more.(Because Recall won't have a chance of Recalling the erased capsules from your spawn)

Recall Configurations - There are several kinds of configurations one can take with Recall.  One that is pretty bare minimum would be 3 Recalls.  With just 3 Recalls you might Recall all your skills one time through.  The problem is that it is hard to continually maintain this with just 3 Recalls.  You tend to eventually run out of skills.  This can be a major problem if you were counting on doing Violent Change over and over.  Going from here some people have opted to put 3 Recalls in their arsenal with one Relearn.  It will help Recall last longer.  Alternatively some have used 2 Recalls and 2 Relearns or 2 Recalls and 3 Relearns.  The problem is they must coordinate their Recalls with the their Relearns more.  If you lose on 1 Recall you may have a hard time getting it back with the 1 Recall remaining in your arsenal.  3 Recalls and 1 Relearn could be more reliable than the extra Relearns used in the other setups.  

Best Options for Repeated Recall - I personally like having 3 Recalls and 2 Relearns when you absolutely need to keep Recall going.  It is reliable for ensuring your arsenal continually loops back what you need while allowing some mistakes.  If you're making sure to Violent Change unneeded capsules occasionally while using Recall in this set up, you should be able to keep Recalling things for the entire match. While using 3 Recall and 2 Relearns, it is still possible to not be able to continually Recall things when you're not eliminating any of your own capsules.  But you'll find it lasting you a long time in your matches. Probably longer than most matches would need it to last.  If you really want to Recall over and over, having 3 Relearns with 3 Recalls will give you the best chance of succeeding.  

A problem with using more and more Recall/Relearn skills is that it takes away space from actual moves that you need to help you win the match. It is a good explanation as to why people have opted for different amounts, trying to find the best fit for their arsenal.  

Mephisto's Pact Exceptions/Strategies - An alternative to putting in some Relearns is to have some Mephisto's Pacts used.  An arsenal with 3 Recalls and 1 Relearn with 2 Mephisto's Pacts can manage to last an entire match if you use Mephisto's Pacts to repeatedly Recall/Relearn things sooner.  Having some healing move in the arsenal or using something like Nature's Blessing can make up for the life lost from using Mephisto's Pacts.  

Acceleration - This environmental can be useful with Recall since you will be cycling through a lot of skills in your arsenal.  

How Relearning a Recall Works - If you use a Recall and then Relearn it, you're arsenal treats that as being the same Recall that was just used.  So your Relearned Recall can't Recall the Recall that was just Relearned. (I know this is a confusing sentence)  To try to simplify, you can't Recall a Recall unless a different Recall is used.  A Relearned Recall is considered to be the same Recall that was just used.  So you won't Recall an additional one when using the Relearned Recall.  

Relearn and Recall Tips:  You have 10 Level and there are 3 aura particles at your spawn point and you have only a Recall in your hand.  Getting a Relearn would be helpful because you want to Recall again right now.  However, you really want to use the Recall in your hand right now to keep pace with the match.  So you use Recall and then pick up the 3 aura capsules.  Pick them up, but do not use them to gain level like you might usually do.  Instead, hold on to them and see if one of your next 3 capsules spawning might be a Relearn.  If a Relearn shows up you can pick it up on your empty skill slot button and Relearn the Recall you previously used.  So you have used Relearn and now have Recall in your hand again.  You still have not used those other 3 aura particles in your hand.  Unless you have Recalled almost your entire arsenal, you may be better off using your relearned Recall again before using the aura particles in your hand.  If you use Recall again before using any of the aura particles in your hand, you have a greater chance of Recalling capsules that aren't just aura particles.  You may actually want to be able to Recall those aura particles.  If you do then use them first to gain Level and then use your Recall.  More often than not you will prefer being more likely to want to Recall skill capsules instead of aura capsules.  If you have Recalled mostly everything already, you may want to hold off on using the Recall you Relearned until you use up some skill particles you want to reuse.(to increase your chances of getting useful capsules when using Recall)  While true you also need to be careful to keep some Recalls going as it is possible for players to erase that Recall from your hand with something like Turbulence.  If too many Recalls/Relearns get erased like this, you may find yourself unable to continually Recall skills.  

Recall arsenals can take more practice in learning to use well - It can take longer than usual to get the hang of Recall arsenals as you try to figure out where to use your Relearn and Recalls among other things.  

Level Amp/ Boost Mine / Level Berserk / ratios- Level boosting skills are very helpful in getting enough Level to keep Recalling things.   I have found I like to have 3-4 level amps/boost mines in a typical Recall arsenal, with 12 aura minimum. In this setup, It helps to always change your starting hand to try to get 3 aura.  This gets Level Amp going right away and builds your level quickly. Some people have chosen to have only 10 aura while putting in different amounts of level boosting skills.  I find it a bit too frustrating at that low an amount.  But the idea is even if you don't get a great start you pick up your capsules very quickly so that you get your level to reach 10, then you Recall everything that you went through because you did not have enough aura.   At least at more open levels, Level Berserk is the best aura boosting option with a coordinated teammate.  Boost mines also can help one partner reach the extra level of aura they need to get things moving.   Quantum Amp can backfire on you as you can help your opponent's Level rise as well.  It can slow down or weaken Vicious Balance arsenals to a certain degree.(Good Vicious Balance arsenals would still use moves to lower their level)

Change the World Warning - Change the World is a bad skill to use on your own capsules.  The problem is the skill doesn't work the way it says it does.  Change the World actually reshuffles the capsules at your spawn back into your arsenal.  Then 3 RANDOM moves are removed from your arsenal.(or whatever amount of capsules you have changed on the field)  Then 3 random moves left in your arsenal are respawned.  This is bad because you could randomly lose your most important skills.  If you use Change The World to get rid of 3 aura particles at your spawn, you might end up getting rid of 3 Recalls from your arsenal instead!  The only time you would probably try Change the World on your own capsules is if you're desperate or really want to try your luck.  In a way this move may be the best one to use against opponents who try to just leave less desired skills at their spawn for you to erase.  This skill takes away their ability to do so.  Keep in mind Change the World can't change or erase the last 3 capsules in someone's spawn.   Using it with Particle Convert, Change the World could potentially fill someone's arsenal with more aura particles. Because the Particle Converted capsules you changed into aura get reshuffled into your opponent's arsenal.  Then they may randomly be removed from the arsenal, or something else may get  randomly deleted instead, leaving your opponent's arsenal with the aura particles.

Violent Change is often the most practical and effective multi capsule erasing skill.  

Bravery Decision and Recall Configurations - Bravery Decision opens up another alternative Recall scheme.  Bravery Decision removes all the aura particles currently in your arsenal.( and not at your spawn)  The trick is to get up to 10 Level and use Recall, then get rid of the rest of the aura particles left in your arsenal as you don't need them as much.  The idea is you Recall what you want and avoid getting aura particle repeats.  The challenge is that Bravery Decision only gets rid of potential aura particles you may pick up.   The ones you already used can still be Recalled by Recall.   The ideal situation is you get your level to 10, Recall all your skills/aura particles, then do Bravery Decision to get rid of all the aura particles stored in your arsenal. Now your arsenal will Recall more the skills you need and no longer waste space with aura particles.  One problem though is you will still be able to Recall the skill Bravery Decision which is useless now if you got rid of all the aura.  You can technically carry a skill that erases your capsules to accomplish getting rid of Bravery Decision.  (Either Violent Change at best or Particle Convert into Evaporate)   Keep in mind though that those moves will be taking up space as well.(they can be useful though)  Alternatively, if you're teammate has a skill capsule eraser they could get rid of your unneeded Bravery Decisions.  The proportion of Recalls and Relearns can vary in these sets. Because of the aura removing tricks, you may even get by on less Recalls and Relearns.  You will often have to use Bravery Decision a few times to truly get all the aura particles out of your arsenal.  Other things to consider are whether to put level boosting moves in.  If you put them in, you'll start clogging your arsenal with level raising moves you don't need, and reduce Bravery Decision's ability to clear out your arsenal.  Here's a thread of people proposing different versions:

Bravery Decision Recall with Violent Change vs Standard Recall with Violent Change Comparisons -  I've had some strange results when trying to compare these 2 schemes for Violent Change arsenals.  If I used the skill Accelerate and got it in an ideal early hand, A Standard 2 School Recall Violent Change arsenal was able to delete someone from 23 to capsules to 0 Capsules in roughly 2 minutes.  The best I could get with an idealized Accelerate with Bravery Decision thrown in was 2 minutes and 30 Second, not a tremendous difference.  On average with an ideal start they seemed fairly even but the 2 School regen might enable you to Recall and Violent Change more smoothly.(Bravery Decision and Recall with Violent Change is forced to go 3 school)  However, if I used Accelerate in a standard 3 school Violent Change it seemed to take a bit longer, may be even longer than a Bravery Configuration.  

These situations only revolved around using Accelerate.  Without Accelerate it seemed like Bravery Decision had a slight edge in speed may be about 30 to 60 seconds faster.  It's really hard to know as the best time I got was 3 minutes and 10 seconds with a Standard 3 School Recall Violent Change setup.  Unfortunately, I can't give a definitive  answer on which is going to work faster.  
And while these situations are only thinking about speed, they aren't really taking into consideration your opponent picking up skills before you can Violent Change.  You may find erase shields just as effective in forcing your opponent to pick up skills and reduce their arsenal for you.  If you want Nature or Ki in these Violent Change arsenals, then you can't even do the Bravery Decision setup.(Nature's Forest Sanctuary and may be even Ki's Memory Lapse could prove more useful than Bravery Decisioning away aura particles you keep Recalling.  Paired with a teammate, you may find a reduced
need in you using Violent Changes and Recalls.  If your level is severely erased, there is a good chance a Recall Bravery Violent Change setup won't be able to sustain itself.  Standard Recall arsenals have a better chance of recovering lost level more.  Unless facing debilitating erase, it seems like longer matches will have Bravery Decision's set up run more smoothly.  But if the matches run especially long a Recall Violent Change arsenal could catch up in efficiency as you Violent Change away capsules you no longer need.

Not Just Erase - Although a lot of focus has been on erasing with Recall, these Recall schemes can all revolve around non erase skills as well.  It can be useful for allowing reuse of single use moves, or allow you to continue to reuse attacks with less concern for erase.

Nature's Blessing Recall Alternative - The Environmental Nature's Blessing causes everyone to gain one life per aura particle picked up.  In this situation you may find yourself not wanting as many Level Amps as substitutes for Aura.  Something like 14 or 15 aura may be a logical build because the more aura particles you recover and pick up, the more life you'll gain.  In this way, Recalling aura particles won't feel like as much of a waste as in other builds.  It will take longer to reach 10 for Recalling but it could be worth it.(If using Relearns, you could relearn aura particles early on to speed yourself getting up to 10 Level)  From some of the testing I did, I think you probably are still better off with a few more Level Amps.  Particle Convert turns your skills into aura particles.  They will be Recalled as aura particles when Recalling.  You could try to use it as a way to turn level amps into life gaining aura particles for Recall if you do try to put level amps in to gain level faster.(Could also convert Environmentals you don't feel the need to Recall.(because you floated Nature's Blessing)  This Particle Conversion is likely too much set up  to be practical as your looking to line up 3 skills to just have the chance of Recalling an extra aura particle, which is a small benefit for setting up that number of skills.  Nature's Blessing is probably not going to be as worthwhile in Violent Change builds.  You have 2 strategies in conflict with each other.  Erase your aura particles with Violent Change and you lose the chance to gain life from them.  If you pick them up it will take you longer to Recall more Violent Changes/ Other skills, which are generally more worthwhile.  Then again, Violent Changes could be used to weed out level amps you no longer need to Recall, improving the chances of getting life gaining aura particles.  It can be challenging to fit in other skills besides Recall + Relearns with Aura particles and Nature's Blessing. You might be able to use 5-6 other moves besides them and 2-3 Shields.  If you go for much more, you're losing aura particles.  Mephisto's Pact is interesting in this set up because you'll naturally gain some life back from aura particles, it can make reusing Mephisto's Pact repeatedly easier.  This can let you get the exact skills you want more instead of adding duplicates.  It can also get skills that might otherwise be buried in the last set of skills in your arsenal.(which is hard to get to if you keep Recalling)  A setup of 3 Recalls with 1 Relearn and 2 Mephisto's Pact can set you up to Recall continually for the whole match sometimes.  On the other hand, it's possible to throw in a Healing Water and get a similar or better result than the life gain of a Nature's Blessing setup. Still there could be some potential.

Auto Capture Recall - Kind of an interesting idea of quickly going through arsenals but still being able to Recall things.  You can even Relearn auto capture attacks to go through you arsenal even more quickly.  It's pretty hard to think of a truly good reason to do this.  You want to auto capture skills mainly to use attacks up to build up Memory/Scar of Battle's strength.  If you Recall attacks it weakens Memory of Battle.  Being able to Recall Memory of Battles is nice but not particularly great.  The other use of Auto Capture attacks is to get to other moves more quickly, so Recalling things can slow that process down too.  Out of all Recall setups, the Auto Capture Recall strategy seems the least likely to make a good arsenal out of.

Heavy - Perhaps some of the least likely to be useful Recall setups can be more useful in Heavy mode.  

25AR Chill Breeze Loop arsenals

This could be a very powerful and crippling tag arsenal but I have not seen it successfully used in practice. I’ve only had a few cracks at the idea and it will take some skill between partners in setting it up continually. The basic idea is to Annoying Gift Chill Breeze and Neutralization to a teammate over and over. The loop is done in the following steps:  

1.  You Annoying Gift your teammate Chill Breeze and Neutralization.  

2.  Your teammate casts Chill Breeze, you shoot Neutralization just before Chill Breeze takes affect so your teammate becomes unfrozen. 

3.  Your teammate then shoots you with Neutralization to unfreeze you.  

4..  You Annoying Gift Chill Breeze again all the while your opponents' are still frozen. This can be done infinitely, freezing opponents the whole time.  

The tricky part is using a skill guaranteed to hurt your opponents in the small amount of time you have before you need to freeze them again. If you use Mephisto's Pact and several copies of the skills needed, you can get a very fast start up time.  Before doing anything else you should set the Chill Breeze Loop up and worry about getting other key skills after you started freezing opponents infinitely.  

Ways to stop:  Opponents might be able to counter this trick by running into Annoying Gift and getting their own Neutralization or attacking the gifter every time he tries to use Annoying Gift or Neutralize. You might be able block teammates gifting each other by running in between the 2 players.  I don't know if this works as I haven't seen it done.  Opponents can't run into Neutralization though because if you use a lock on shot on a teammate it will go right through the opponents.(that's just how it works online but not in the original Single Player mode)  

Anti Freeze Options - You can try using Purify or Refresh right after Chill Breeze is about to be cast.  If timed right these skills will cancel the freeze effect from lasting or from effecting you.  You can also bring your own Neutralization.  There are some other unfreezing moves that you might benefit from.(Like Return to Nature)

Demonstration: Here's a video showing how the loop works. You'll see both players get frozen and how the Neutralization is timed to unfreeze the team.  (Note you don't need Optimization to have the loop run infinitely.  You need Optimization to use other skills in many setups while freezing infinitely.  When using Optimization, you need a 2 school case because without it, it might not be possible to put Optimization out and have enough time and aura to still keep your opponents frozen once the loop is started.  You only get about 6-7 aura to work with while opponents are frozen.  Here's a video demoing how you freeze and unfreeze repeatedly:

To review, you will need someone to Annoying Gift, Chill Breeze, Neutralization and the Missing Ingredient.(the one skill to help you win)  Here are some ideas and drawbacks / explanations.   Most setups will only have about 6-7 aura needed to work with.  It only takes 4 aura to freeze infinitely but you'll need more than that in most cases to actually start hurting your opponent. Some attempted ideas:

Annoying Gift the skill Abyss - This one doesn't work.  You would have your teammate delete every opponent capsule with it.  This would be the perfect skill for the job as it could set up in the first spawn of the match.   The problem is it takes way too long to erase each capsule before a match ends in a draw.(It could have worked if matches were still 15 minutes, but they're only 10 now)  If it were possible to erase everything in time, it would be hands down the best and quickest set up for the arsenal.  

Annoying Gift the skill Change the World, have teammate finish with Diabolical Trick - In order to do this you have to use Change the World correctly.  One player gifts Change the World with Chill Breeze and Neutralization.  The partner must use a 2 school Faith Optical arsenal that has Optimization(which you float) and Diabolical Trick in it.(the rest can be anything else)  You need a 2 School Arsenal for a teammate to cast Optimization and then regenerate 2 aura quick enough for Chill Breeze to come out in time to maintain the freeze loop.  Diabolical Trick is placed in the slot where the teammate's Annoying Gift slot is.(this stops it from being overwritten)  Once the teammate has Diabolical Trick, your team can quickly Change the World between each Chill Breeze Loop.  When opponents are down to 3 capsules, you Diabolical Trick each of them.  Before using Change the World make sure that the teammate who needs Diabolical Trick picks up their skills because Change the World actually reshuffles your spawn back into your arsenal, then Change the World randomly erases 3 skills in the arsenal and puts 3 random skills at your spawn.  Since its random you could delete your Diabolical Tricks and not ever pick one up.  Once you have Diabolical Trick, you can Change the World as much as you want and you won't be able to over erase you or your teammate by accident because Change the World doesn't get rid of the last 3 capsules.  Once opponents are down to 3 capsules, just finish each opponent off by Diabolical Tricking their 3 remaining skills. You technically could make a configuration with Violent Change, but this set up is quicker and reduces the amount of Diabolical Tricking you might need to do to get ahead of the other team's capsule count when using Violent Change. Another alternative to Diabolical Trick is Recall + Violent Change but it is also more complicated and not as good.  

Annoying Gift the skill Graceful Woods - This opens up a world of new possibilities.  Previously Optimization was required to get costly things done.  Now your teammate can have as much aura as they need to do something.  One idea is to go for Violent Change and Recall again without needing Optimization this time.(It probably isn't as good as the Change the World set up mentioned above)  You may have to do some more individual Diabolical Tricking to get ahead of opponent skill count.  To win, you have to rely entirely on the arsenal of the player receiving Graceful Woods.  

Giga Ruin + Still Moment ? - One alternate scheme was to use Still Moment and Giga Ruins with Recall.  It would lock your opponents in place without a shield to block Giga Ruin. Unfortunately cartwheelers can still cartwheel enough to dodge when Still Moment is used.  Jumpers can stop Still Moment comboing into Giga Ruin it by staying close to the Giga Ruin shooter and jumping when Still Moment occurs. Unfortunately, I can't seem to figure out a better scheme than Violent Changes followed by Diabolical Trick as needed.(for the Graceful Woods scheme)  But Graceful Woods is a new idea which you may be able to figure out something else to win with.  Perhaps a new skill will be made to fully realize Graceful Woods potential in this setup.  You could certainly annoy people who don't figure out how to get past Still Moment and Giga Ruin.  

Annoying Gift Agonies of Death - Agonies of Death goes through anything and can be tough to dodge and costs 0.  This might work at smaller levels but it takes really good coordination and can get confusing in figuring out ways to lower life to the correct level.  Opponents might be able to just run from Agonies or stay too close for the shooter to hit.  Still it might work.  You'll need practice as it can get confusing switching between your teammate and opponent and then Chill Breezing in time.  This does not require Optimization to work either.  If you can pull this off, it's the absolute best setup that can work because your teammate can carry the same exact arsenals making your chances of setting up the Chill Breeze loop higher than the alternative ideas listed.  (Besides the failed Abyss scenario)

Debris against Chill Breeze - One other possible counter to this arsenal could be done at City to a certain degree.  You can keep causing yourself to fall on objects when hit by Chill Breeze.(while doing little damage to yourself, if any)  Since objects in that level could fly in any weird direction you might cause them to hit your opponents and interrupt their Chill Breeze Loop.   You would jump as Chill Breeze takes effect, causing you to go into a stunned fall state.  It's possible to land on objects in this state and cause them to break.  The broken objects can possibly hit the Chill Breeze opponents and break their loop.

26AR Theme Arsenals 

A lot of arsenals are listed but there are other possibilities which can be based around certain themes. Skills that use mixed speed attacks, use only crawlers, only blades, rain etc. etc. Try to put moves together that complement each other. Ex. Joke of Anubis with moves that keep your life higher than your opponent. The combos sections and "All the other things you didn’t know about in Phantom Dust" sections could help you come up with more ideas for arsenal concepts.

27AR Search for more arsenals has a great advanced search feature.  If you want to see arsenals made by other people with skill setups use the link coming up.  A quick way to find what you're looking for is to enter in a skill as your keyword, then choose search option and select "Ubiquitous Arsenal Lab", then select  "First post of topics only".  This should get you topics of more fleshed out ideas.  If you're not satisfied with what's found, you can uncheck the "First post of topics only" and try again.  General Discussion forum can also be helpful for seeing things on arsenals sometimes too. Here's the advanced search link::



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