Six Ages Exploration Events with pictures

While there are more events and locations that can happen, these are events that occur with a potentially unique picture provided with them.  There are more options during most of these events but this was just for quick reference.  Different non picture events can happen at these locations as well.  

Finding locations.  You can find most by travelling aroud.  Some of these exact locations are slightly randomized so you can't always count on locations being in exactly the same spot.  Ways to reveal locations include giving something like 30 gifts to a clan with an emissary, calling on favors with allies (which you can repeatedly do), call a favor on someone who owes you, or someone reveals a location to you after you do Share an Exploration adventure.  Some locations don't get revealed from calling on favors but can still get revealed from gift giving missions.  You can always just land on certain areas to find a location.  

Autumn Mountains
A fierce blizzard endangered our explorers. We called on Elmal to battle the Cold Sun. Elmal broke through the white blanket of clouds. Snow turned to fog, then burned away. Our god had slain the blizzard.

Autmn Mountains 2
While exploring the Autumn Mountains, Jaranak and his exploration party met an enormous bear. Jaranak ordered the party to fire arrows at it. The arrows struck true, and the creature roared in pain. With startling speed it ran into an icy cavern. The party pursued it, cornering it in the cavern. Jaranak charged to fight it up close. Jaranak ducked below its swiping paws to cut its throat open. Crimson blood stained its fur. Jaranak took its claws as a souvenir. He thought he had learned a thing or two about fighting monsters.

Southeastern Single Hill?  (South East Single Hill Location can’t remember its name)

While exploring, Kanchavus met Zarlen, who offered a boon. We asked for a blessing of safe passage. Zarlen congratulated us for our fine taste in boons. Kanchavus guessed that his passage blessing would last for nine years. When next we looked at our map, we saw that Zarlen had filled in some areas we had not yet explored.  Look for areas that Zarlen opened up.  Sometimes you'll see just a small circle opened on the map.  Could be a Rolling Rock location!

Spirit Hills or area below it west of Oslira River?(Super rough guess and this is not the dune that can appear in this radius also)  Also could appear further north or west for all I know

When exploring to the west, Lenef and company found the whispering rocks, said to foretell the future. Lenef drummed to the rocks. As Lenef drummed, confusing visions polluted his understanding of the spirit and sky worlds. “Sorry,” the stones whispered, “it is not always safe for ordinary minds to perform ritual acts here. We will make it up to you by telling you of your future.” They said that when beings of mechanical inaction made themselves known to us, we should ask for the riches of the earth.

Sand Dune (can appear in different radius)  
(Story event or Emissary Favor Info Request or Gift )

In a plain of sand, our explorers encountered a monstrous insect, which created a pit to drag in and eat one of them. Chardenei called spirits to lure it out. Wasp spirits came to sting it, driving it to madness. It lurched from its sandy lair, allowing us to fire at it from a distance. It charged us, but by the time it reached us we’d filled it so full of arrows that it died at our feet. Chardenei thought to dig into the creature’s pit. There we found the bones and gear of previous explorers. Amid these were gold plaques and other valuables worth 23 cows.

Noastor Mountains(West of Jord Mountains between glacier and Jord Mountains, must go early or it will be buried by the glacier)

Areni visited a dwarf trading post. We traded lore of the valley for lore of this region. Their tidings of the north would stand us in good stead when exploring it.

Alkothi vs Elves Battle Event (seems like its far east in the woods slightly north of dog hills after repeated visits could be other spots in woods)

Chardenei and company saw Alkothi fighting elves in a burning grove. We joined the battle against the Alkothi. Though each of them was worth four of us, Chardenei took clever advantage of the confusion. We struck every blow precisely, and danced back to avoid their blades. In time the Alkothi, snorting curses that scorched the air, retreated. The grateful elves granted us a blessing of healthy plants.

Boulderwood (Story event or Emissary Favor Info Request or Gift )  Location can vary a little more even.  

Outlaw earth god human sacrifice option.

Golden Hill (single hill northwest)

Beren’s explorers came upon a terrifying Gods War manifestation. They stayed to watch for as long as they could. Beren gained insights into the divine realm that would stand him in good stead on the ritual ground.

In Yeleni territory, Kanchavus’s exploration party fell into a pit trap and were captured. Kanchavus called on the magic of Zarlen, the exploration god. Zarlen collapsed the edge of the pit, dropping the Yeleni into it, too. A fight ensued. Our explorers overcame them, climbed from the pit, and escaped to safety. The melee left two of them wounded.

Yanadlings with slightly different offering events - Random locations
Our explorers met people called Yanadlings, who claimed to share ancestors with us but dealt only with spirits. Retva, their leader, offered to wrap Kanchavus in a blanket that would confer Raven secrets. When Kanchavus went under the blanket, Retva went too. Kanchavus emerged from the blanket squawking and flapping his arms like wings. “I renounce my connection to Elmal,” he exclaimed. “Now it is Raven who flies in my head!” This shocking turn concerned the escort, who no longer knew if they could trust him. Retva, meanwhile, had vanished utterly.

Random Dragon Man – Multiple Events possible Northwest Woods for sure.  Wants a horse in one version, communicates to your horse in another
Our explorers encountered a being that was part man, part thunder lizard. They called it a dragon man. We let it have Jaranak’s horse. The dragon man bowed in a contorted gesture of thanks. Jaranak’s head swam. He concluded that the dragon man had granted us aid in situations involving trolls that would last for generations.

Random Wolf Man Ritual
Endaro’s exploratory mission came upon strange outlanders engaged in a ritual, in which they changed from wolf to human and back again. We waited until their ritual ended, then tried to converse with them. They did not wish to speak, except to accuse us of trying to steal their spirit secrets. We backed slowly away from them, and they from us.

Random Guys In Heavy Gold? Armor Looking for info on Dwarves Third Eye Blue People
Yatakan's party meets unfamiliar outlanders wearing much heavier armor than you’ve seen on any human. They call themselves the Third Eye Blue—an odd name for a people! This must refer to the blue eyes tattooed in the middle of their foreheads. They ask if you know anything about dwarves and their hideouts. “The minions of the dread god Mostal hide the secrets of metal-working from humankind. We have come from the west to pry this lore from their hidden vaults.”"

Random Location Shapeshifter Theft
explorers wake up to discover that their weapons and gear have been plundered in the night. The member of the escort placed on watch duty noticed that the items were gone only after the thieves were in mid-escape. He glimpsed just enough of them to identify them as shapeshifters, people who can turn into animals. Or perhaps they are animals who can turn into people. These particular shapeshifters take the form of stoats, explaining their extraordinary stealth and dexterity. They took the party’s honor belts and many of its weapons, and are already out of sight.  Options are given

While exploring in the Ergeshite foothills Chardenei and her escort came upon a giant blue goat, guarded by nomad spearmen. Chardenei offered the goat a gift. Its guardians respectfully accepted. Chardenei could sense that the goat was pleased.

(Story event or Emissary Favor Info Request or Gift )

Our explorers found a plain of glassy black stone. A vision overwhelmed them with the sight of a Gods War battle in which Yamsur and Hippogriff fought a sinister sand god. We collected obsidian shards. Our traders said these shards, imbued with divine resonance, were worth around 18 cows.

Smoking Crater(see above pic)
(Story event or Emissary Favor Info Request or Gift )
Yatakan and his explorers found a crater with smoke billowing from it. We sought divine blessing. Yatakan felt the mantle of divine protection settle upon him. The smoke assailed the explorers with a hellish, putrid stench. At the bottom of the crater they found a jade door carved with a leering, inhuman face. The stench of hell grew even more potent when they opened the door. They peered into a green tunnel. Guttural shouts and the clanking of armor issued from it. This was no place for the others, Yatakan realized. He got them out safely. Though tempted to go back in alone, Yatakan saw that this would leave them without a leader. Reluctantly, he ordered a swift departure.

Destroyed Clan Crater (Story Event)
Areni found gems in the crater that used to be the Old Eagle lands—and also an Oro-Tagin exploratory party. We offered to split the gems with them. They called this a fair offer, and we parted without bloodshed. When we showed our share of the sky gems to our traders, they said they were worth 15 cows.

Elempur (
Story event or Emissary Favor Info Request or Gift.  Also semi labeled)
Ulendus found valuables in Elempur, but its ghosts appeared to threaten the exploration party. We sang them a soothing song. The shades of Elempur wavered and wept melancholy tears. They vanished into a fine mist, allowing Ulendus to return home with the goods.

Dog Hills Wolf Event
Lenef and his explorers found a serene grove, where they encountered a magic wolf that seemed ready to grant us a blessing. We offered it a horse. The wolf launched itself hungrily at its gift. It said it would assist us, by eating any rodents that came to steal our grain or dig holes to break the legs of our horses.

Dog Hills Monster Dog
While exploring, Areni encountered Votanki hunters, who threatened us with a monstrous dog if we did not surrender nine horses. We attacked. The dog shook two of us in its massive jaws before a well-placed arrow pierced its skull and slew it. The hunters fled, and we went on our way.

Our explorers found that the glacier had advanced, moving closer to our valley. They chopped into the ice for treasures absorbed during its advance. They only found dirt.

Volcano God Man random location
While exploring in the north, Areni saw the black plume of a massive eruption on the far horizon. Then a horribly burned figure fell from the sky, got up, and lurched toward the explorers. Areni spoke to it. It said strange things, about being a mighty participant in a war between gods, neither of which we had ever heard of. We ran. It pursued us briefly, but could not keep up with our horses.

3 Cave Locations Which can slightly vary...  
(Story event or Emissary Favor Info Request or Gift Location)

Find Nyalda, get her blessing.  Possible at each Cave.
Other 2 locations:

Tax collection / Ear cutting swearing event.

Fight the Champion /Bear etc for prize.

I feel like there's a second event here but i can't remember and might be mixing it up with Vestenan lake....

Vestenan Lake

On the shores of Imaress Yatakan and company met Ram holy women willing to trade us water blessed by Ernalda. We agreed. Soon we would find that Nyalda, our Earth Goddess, also found this water holy. We gained its promised blessings.

Infithelli - 
The cannibal clan visit?

Forosan - A fight challenge from the Forosilluvi.  (They really hate you)

Western Ruins Invisible Giant God Temple (There are 2 locations both west one north of the spirit hills labeled spot and one south)
Kanchavus’s explorers came upon an enormous abandoned temple. Kanchavus called on spirits to lend us this place’s power. Our explorers drummed up bee spirits, who took the magic from the stones and gave it to us, as if taking pollen from one plant and spreading it to another.

Second Western Ruins Location Invisible Giant God Temple Alternate Event
You can scare up a spring of water and drink it/ mark the location.  The explorers convert to the invisible gods or they run away in time.

Out West possibly in the spirit hills
Our explorers met the Omaseg, who herded deer as if they were cattle. We offered them a gift of magic. We drummed up spirits who conveyed a touch of our magic to them. They accepted this, giving us a spirit blessing in return.

Naztalvan Northern Wheels
Our explorers spotted a royal expedition of northern Wheels driving a small herd of cattle. We tried to steal some of their cows. We toppled their carts and got away with seven cows.

Imther Mountains
Beren’s exploratory mission to the northern mountains came upon Rams about to ambush dwarves. We stood back and watched. The Rams screamed, “This mountain belongs to Orlanth!” But the dwarves recovered from their surprise quickly and let their strange repeating bows speak on their behalf. Within instants half a dozen Rams lay dead on the ground. The rest fled.

Random River Locations
An evil sorceress demanded that Doren leave his exploratory mission, serving her for five seasons and a day. Doren called on Elmal to smite her. Elmal’s light burst through the clouds to singe her. She slipped into the water to cool her burns, giving us time to escape. Our god’s guardian wrath must have dissuaded her from laying her threatened curse.

Inland River
Ulendus and company encountered a nymph near the shores of the Inland Sea. We offered her a song. She let them drink from her, but would not let them fill their water skins.

Rolling Rock
– There are many locations you can end up finding it but they seem to be on edges quite a bit.  But it's hard to fully narrow down the random locations.  The Rock Grants a bonus to the character visiting or laughs at Elmal’s offer of protection.  You can find it 2 times.  Not sure if you have to revisit once to begin searching for the second randomish location.  Places I find it the most are south east by Infithan:

Other Favorite place to look is in the far north edge just to the right of Jord Mountains:

Again I've found it on the far east edge in the woods and bordering the glacier in the northwest and around the Spirit Hills Northern Giant Invisible God City.