The Erase Wars

Phantom Dust Erase Tips and beating them

Erase skills can be very useful.  They can get rid of troubling moves your opponent has, cripple them, or even finish them off.  It can also stop them from becoming too powerful and get rid of troubling Environmentals.

You can use Orb + Amulet to protect against Erase.  Any purple moves used by others will not affect you if you have these moves equipped and can pay their automatic cost.  They can also help you keep your boosted abilities like speed and strength.  

If these moves can be paid for and aren't exhausted Erase skills won't be able to harm you.

It doesn't protect against capsule erasers like Diabolical Trick or Violent Change.  

You can use Turbulence to try to automatically remove erase moves from people using them.  Erase skills like Lack and Wind Pressure among other skill erasing moves can get rid of different erase skills.

Of course you can erase your opponents capsule erasers with your own capsule eraser skills.  Beating them to the punch is one possibility.  Depriving key combos from working give you the edge in a match.

You can also use the skill Recall and Relearn together to return more of your capsules to your arsenal to reuse.   You can't get any capsules erased from the field but just Recalling what you can will help you last longer against opponents focused on erasing your capsules.  

When using erase skills on opponents, check if they have any yellow skills equipped.  

If you see your opponent with Yellow skills equiped try to see if you can figure out what it is.  Is it a Dash or Dazzle?  

If you can't figure it out, you may want to delay using Single use erase moves on your opponent.  You could try waiting till they use all their aura up.  

If you do have an infinite use move like Crush or Neutralization you can try hitting them with it and see if they automatically spend an aura or 2 for Amulet or Orb or Amulet.  If they only spend 1 for protection you can hit them or use Crush two more times to exhaust the Amulet so you can go on with your other erase moves.  These moves will force their use even if there is no stat or environmental to erase.    

If you have a skill that freezes their buttons, Orb and Amulet can't protect them from your erase moves while frozen.  There are moves like Glacial Wall and Ice Sword among others.

Orb and Amulet can be used to protect you in the sky from Hit All erase skills like Crush.

Although Orb and Amulet protect against all erase skills that directly affect you or your Environmental.  They don't protect against Capsule Eraser skills.

Orb and Amulet don't protect from your own Hit All skills.  You won't be able to protect yourself against your own vicious balance, but you can from your teammate's vicious balance.

If you can't, try to freeze your opponent before using a major erase skill like Vicious Balance or Quantum Decay.  Best Options for this would be to use Glacial Wall or Ice Sword on your opponent.

You can also try using the skill Greedy Spirit but you have to be very fast with your timing of an erase skill for it to work sometimes.  Greedy Spirit.  Besides using Fairy Ring which also has difficult timing,  Greedy Spirit provides one of the few ways to erase hard to erase skills like Reincarnation, Photon Barrier, and Arrow of Artemis.  

Orb and Amulet can't protect from Attacks with erase effects like Storm Blade.  It also doesn't protect from the Faith Attacks that erase level known as Song of Succubus and Succubus Tempt.  Although these 2 moves don't have great accuracy, if you can land them with power boosted you could catch opponents by surprise, expecting Orb and Amulet would protect them.  Restrain Combos nicely with them if you can land them.  

If you want a way to stop attack moves from having erase effects you can play the Environmental Necronomicon.  Ignore the description.  Necronomicon takes away the add effects on all attacks.  Since the erase abilities are add effects they lose them when Necronomicon is out.  Necronomicon may disable a lot of beneficial effects for you though, including the retain effect of Reincarnation.  

Some erase users may opt to use Necronomicon because it stops Reincarnation and Arrow of Artemis from retaining themselves.  
You can also use Environmentals Chaos, Stagnant Air, Scientism to stop Orb and Amulets.  If Orb is just the problem you can use Stagnant air temporarily.  

While we've been covering some direct ways of doing erasing and countering erase, you also should consider using shields with erase effects to help you to.  There are numerous shields that erase all sorts of different attacks.  Sometimes its easier to just block to erase a move instead of trying how to get past someone's Orbs and Defenses.  

Reincarnation is a great skill in dealing with erase effects.  If you have 6 aura when shooting at a shield that can erase Reincarnation, it will fail to erase Reincarnation because it pays for the retain effect a second time. If you boost your strength by 2 you can break every erase shield in the game with it except for Fortress of Iron.  

If you want unerasable attack skills while Necronomicon is out, you can still use the lock atacks skills known as Sign of Saints and Seal of Death.  If you're playing tag and you don't want one of these skills equipped you can pick up your dead teammate on the same button and you'll overwrite the skill with your teammate and can add new skills to the button afterwards.

There are specific erase skills that erase Shields automatically or penetrate defenses including Dragon Slayer, Shield Slayer, and Judge of Ares.  Other attacks and erase skills will also erase shields if you can land a hit a on your opponent.

Tag Teammate Resurrection Death and Resurrection Tricks with Erase -

There are some unique Tag Team Tricks you can do revolving around erase skills.  If your teammate is knocked out, any hit all erase skill will not affect them or their capsules.  You can Vicious Balance while your teammate is knocked out and he won't lose any aura.  You can Violent Change and they won't lose their capsules.

An arsenal strategy also opens up around Vicious Balancer in Tag Team mode.  One player can keep themselves at 0 or bring themselves down to 0 and you can cast your Vicious Balance and send everyone down to 0.  This definitely boosts the strength of Vicious Balance.  Arsenals that use 0 Aura are more viable in this setup as well.

That being said, there are also opportunities for teams to raise their level more quickly than in other game types.  Boost Mines are very common.  Quantum Amps can be used doubly to raise Psycho Burst's power.  Quantum Amps can also diminish some of the punishment of Vicious Balance.  Level Berzerk is also available for your opponents or teammate.  

Tag Mode also allows one player to cast an Erase Move while another casts Chillbreeze soon after to guarantee an erase skill works.  

Annoying Gift can also lead to shenanigans with Erase and Anti Erasing moves.  

Orb and Amulet can be very useful for providing protection from level erase for Bravery Decision users.  Recalll users can be challenged by level erase.  

These are also reasons to use level erase, so that your opponent thinks twice of running Bravery Decision or Recall.  Stopping the use of Vibration Laser and Vibration Blaster.  You can keep powerful moves in check or weaken your opponent's defenses as

Aura Cannon Arsenals use Quantum Decay to keep their max aura lower while also potentially disabling power house long range move Vibration Laser.  Using lower cost skills while crippling your opponent's ability to use higher cost ones is another reason to look towards level erase.  

Level Erase is often a major reason whiy arsenals have Orbs/ Amulets.  In the race to erase and counter erase you may even find erase arsenals holding Orbs/Amulets to make sure Turbulence doesn't affect them.  

Capsule Erasing provides alternative solutions to dealing with your opponent.  If all they do is run away, just erase  theur capsules to death.  



Capsule Erasing Tricks

Recall, Relearn, Bravery Decision, Erased Capsule Impact. 

Defense Guide and beating them

Manual Aim through Gust, Change Course.

Manual Aim safety against Reflect shields.

Manual Aim Generally Safe Against Reverse. 

Faking out shields. 

Explain Different Defenses, Weaknesses, more mechanics and shield breaking focus.

Block Explosions

Dazzle a Dasher

Why Manual Aim is very useful

I’m trying not to get too bogged down in the other sections with manual aim.   So this’ll be more in depth.  I anticipate there will be some repetition in this video from stuff explained in other ones. 

Vibration Laser aiming.

Move Range Accuracy

Good at any range moves:  Ricochet Laser (just as good at short and medium ranges,) Rapid Cannon, Charged Particle , Venom Fang, Crawlers, Impact Burst, Ground Laser.(certainly others…)

Many Erase + Status Moves have Good Homing and Long Reach

Long range abilities - Rail Gun, Power, Psycho Kinesis, Entangle, Tree of Fang, Root of Tree, Curse of Earth, and Disremember can go long distances.  Bloody Ritual to lesser extent.  FOCUS ON HIGHLIGHTS


Retain/Lock Moves may just fold into erase section…but probably won’t

Reincarnation/Photon Barrier/Arrow of Artemis stuff

Sign of Saints stuff, Seal of Death Orb Stuff.

Organization of Facts left to show

3.   Orb/Amulet counter erase moves Player

vs The Eraser

Eraser player has

Greedy Spirit

Vicious Balance -Rebirth, Mist Blade, Mist Blaster

Disintegrate Vicious Balance trick in Quick.

Tag Lock-On
5.  Turning it On.

Long Range Limit
6 + 7.  Show 2 vids of it.

Shelter Shields block Holes as Well
10.  Show it block a hole.
11+12.  Block rain.   Timing Challenges
13.  Erase Shell only shield that erases rain
14.  Block 360.  Less Likely to get lagged through

Change the World warning.
15. Change the World Performed.

16.  Optimization warning.  Don't use when teammates are dead.  Take down when trying to resurrect teammate.  Don't use when you don't have attacks.  You can try using it when desperate to hang it.  Otherwise don't put it out until you think you have things that can work good with it.  Also check how your teammate is doing.  If they aren't ready they could get double teamed badly.  Do hang if facing a level erasing opponent.

Manual Aim going through course shields.  Do it.
18.  Then be victim of it.  

19.  Jump into Paralyze.
20.  Show Paralyze stagger.
21.  Show Paralyze Barrier version of it.
22.  Paralyze Barrier Applications
23.  Standing still with Paralysis.  Block.
24.  Shoot an attack, or do other move.
25.  Jump in Place while Paralyzed.
26.  Cartwheel/Roll when Paralyze.  Simple maneuver.
27.  Lock on off turn in direction, then hit left or right bumper button.
28.  Probably another vid qualifies.

29.  Mulligan
30.  Mulligan has a chance of getting the 4 skills in your hand again.
31.  Mulligan risk with multiples of a locked skills in your arsenal.
32.  Tag Team Resurrection loophole
33.  Mephisto's Pact sub possibility.
34.  Bravery Decision Mulliganing.
35.  Look at spawn colors
36.  Try to think of ideal start.
37.  Look at your spawned capsules and the ones in your hand.  Color coding tricks.
38.  If you have no aura at your spawn point, and 2 aura equipped, might not be a good idea to mulligan.  Is there a lot of aura in your arsenal to get much more than this.
39.  Look at that spawn and your first hand.  Will Mulliganing be likely in getting me the aura count I need?

39.  What would be a good aura start?  Maybe put a number at the end of arsenal name.  

40.  How soon should I Bravery Decision?  Find a number.  Could change on how match is playing out.  

41.  Look to get 3 aura with Level Amp and Boost Mine oriented arsenals.

42.  Are duplicates at my spawn?  3 Tiger's Strengths.  Don't want.  
43.  Four aura for arsenals focused on Heat.

Jumper Highlights
44.  Jump Stun Invincibility against any move that hits.  Works against Frighten too.
44.5 Jump into Hit All Moves
Only exception is when holding Amulet or Orb, or the move shot was BackdraftBullet or Vacuum Wall.


46.  Get around level more easily.

Dodging specifics will be in other guides.

REPEAT Character differences.

48.  Jumping vs Speed Delays

49.  Freia and Tsubu rain weaknesses greater.
50.  Regular Jumpers compensating better for it.
51-52.  Some hop races.

53.  Dodge holes jump + shoot.

  54.  Hanging Easier

55.  Easier to setup sword fakes.

56.  Jump right after a move is done is possible.

57.  Jumping after a close range attack stagger hit.

58.  Jump into Spam nullifier.  

58.5 Jump into Boost Mine.


59.   Crawlers and Holes easier to dodge

60.  Jump off level

61.  Specific Attack advantages in other guide.

Weakness :  Many attacks are harder to deal with at default range compared to cartwheelers.  Fire of Gehenna.  Opportunities to dodge can be more difficult to pull off especially when attacked at multiple angles.
PUNISH JUMP INVULNERABILITY WITH BACKDRAFT BULLET and other moves that work on downed opponents.

Cartwheelers and Rollers

62.  Great dodging ability.

63+67.  Cartwheelers dodge can be controlled better.  Show roll up comparisons

68.  Cartwheelers easier to dodge own Hole attack.

69.  Weaker against stun and erase stun effects.

70.  Harder to dodge hit all moves.

71.  Aura Regeneration halts while cartwheeling or rolling!

72.   Generally better at dealing with lowered speed.

73.  Can be harder to get around level

74.  Rollers vs Carthwheelers breakdown:

76.  Best rollers are probably Anthro or Vestio.

77-79.   Best roundhouse kicks.  Tell with JD and Cuff Button.  (Bigger hit box)

80.  Anthro and Vestio swing Flame Sword attacks at higher heights.(Unlike any human character)  These swings can especially punish certain jumper maneuvers like the jump straight up option.

81.  Also punishes those who attempt to walk away and jump to dodge.  Jumpers are stuck attempting to go to the left of their Flame Sword moves.

82.  Even though Anthro swings flame sword moves at higher heights they are shorter than Cartwheelers and can hide behind more things.

83.  The same applies to Vestio.

84.  The rest of the rollers are inferior to Vestio and Anthro in some way.
85.  JD and Cuff Button don't swing swords at higher heights but are also shorter than Cartwheelers.

86.  Guard, Andro, and Partheno are taller than the other rollers and can't hide behind certain objects, just like cartwheelers.  The kick moves are not as good either.  They do swing Flame Swords at higher heights though.  Note that although Freia is tall like these characters she still swings her flame sword at lower heights.

Which one is better.
87.  Basically Cartwheelers dodge maneuvers are less clumsy and can dodge their own holes more easily.

88.  The best rollers Vestio and Anthro who are shorter than cartwheelers and can hide behind more objects. They swing Flame Swords type attacks at higher heights to make some uncommon jumper maneuvers not work.  Also kick moves are also a little better.

89.  Dodges seem pretty similar in what can be dodged but cartwheelers might have a little better chance of dodging certain things.  Make no mistakes Rollers dodge many things.


use 5 things

Stat Buffs/Effects and Resetters

Stacking Buffs – Where it does and doesn’t work.( Tiger’s Strength and Trance not combinable)

Homing – what does and doesn’t improve from it.


Hide Behind stuff

Tag Teammate Resurrection Death and Resurrection Tricks with Stat Buffs

Purify Erase and other things forcing stand ups and stuns. 


Close range guide

Sword Faking

Sword Cancelling

“Just missing” with swords to see shields

Sword Sliding Past shields.

Include Photon Wave Burst/Tips

Some close range nuisance demos.  (constant hyperkicks)


Stage Guide

– (probably will be separate from any of this)  Tricks at stages.  Traveling around tricks. 

Cartwheel and Roll Tricks

Debris hitting



This could get extensive.  Still need to think about this section.  

Medium range moves working better at far medium range.

Stat Buffs/Effects and Resetters

Stacking Buffs – Where it does and doesn’t work.( Tiger’s Strength and Trance not combinable)

Homing – what does and doesn’t improve from it.


Hide Behind stuff

Tag Teammate Resurrection Death and Resurrection Tricks with Stat Buffs

Purify Erase and other things forcing stand ups and stuns. 


Close range guide

Sword Faking

Sword Cancelling

“Just missing” with swords to see shields

Sword Sliding Past shields.

Include Photon Wave Burst/Tips

Some close range nuisance demos.  (constant hyperkicks)


Stage Guide

– (probably will be separate from any of this)  Tricks at stages.  Traveling around tricks. 

Cartwheel and Roll Tricks

Debris hitting



This could get extensive.  Still need to think about this section.  

Medium range moves working better at far medium range.