Video Controversial Hangs

1.  Skywalk up Palace Tree.

2.  Almost Invisible looking spot you can use a special jump to go to on Highway

3.  Floating Traffic Light In City

4.  City note the enviro against the wall.  There pipes you can special jump up and place an enviro on.

5.  There are also high several indestructible signs you can place enviros in several locations. (Pieces can break off but their always solid to stand on)

Hang side note:  I think Sein should not have a ban on hangs as we're not expecting players to memorize what might fall apart.  It's a gamble to play around.  We can demo that some of those locations aren't true hang spots anyway.  

Hanging Rules:

An environmental is considered hung when the object below where the environmental is placed is completely destroyed, leaving it in the sky.  Signs that are damaged but still can be stood ontop of are permissible places to put your Environmental.

If you place an environmental over an object that gets destroyed in the match by anyone, your team will forfeit the match if you’re challenged by the opposing team.  Even if you might be able to technically walk up and have your head disable the Environmental you will still lose the match.  This is to strongly discourage players to place Environmentals on destroyable objects.   

How a challenge works:  If a team’s environmental has the object it’s placed upon destroyed, opposing teams will continue to play the match as normal.  If the team that didn’t place environmental wins at this stage, then there is no need to challenge the result, as they got a win anyway. 

If the team that placed the environmental wins, opposing team may challenge the result.  Judges will determine whether the environmental was actually hung off a completely destroyable object at a later time.   While playing your set, this match is considered a draw.  

Teams will continue playing till one team gets 3 victories that weren’t challenged. 

After a team gets 3 victories that are unchallenged.  Judges will later evaluate the contested matches.  They will determine which team actually won any of the challenged rounds.  Whichever team gets 3 victories first in the sets of matches played will be the declared the winner of that round. 

Trigger Rule?
– If you cause the opposing team to put an environmental out by using the skill Trigger and it gets put out over a destroyable object, you can’t challenge that match’s results.  Challenged teams can attempt to avoid a forfeit if they declare they were hit by an opponent’s Trigger.  Judges will ultimately decide whether this happened.  Best way to prove it is to show a video of it.  Judges are very unlikely to rule in favor of players claiming to be hit with Trigger without very clear video proof. 


Palace – There are no true raised Enviro locations except Skywalking/Demon’s Winging up tree.(can be pretty vulnerable to attempt)  You can place an enviro in the middle of the bridge and make it inaccessible, but jumpers can technically get up that tree.  Video would demo a method of jumping up the tree without a special jump skill if the bridge is broken though.  Meister jumper not recommended.  Protagonist seems easier to do it with.  Maybe other characters.

Highway – Perhaps has the most contentious environmental raise, you can use Skywalk as demoed in the video to stand in an area that is practically invisible and looks hung.  Its why players should continue the matches I think rulewise.  Should this area be banned?  It is standable on but incredibly weird and awkward.  Defintitely ban the garage location as it goes around the level’s physical barrier.  Also ban the small bridge piece next to it as its also outside the barrier.   Can demo the locations.   Those things in the middle of the stage that people hang and break off should result in a forfeit if they're broken.  There are many unbreakable places high jumps can place enviros here.

Pano – Will include info on Meister/Gyne Jumpers having the best wall locker jump abilities.  Includes ban on putting enviro in clipping location.(auto forfeit)  There is only one true raised location,  a vending machine on the outside of Panorama first floor,  break the chairs by it to prevent jumpers from reaching it.  Easy to use a special jump skill to get on and is the only location that Meister/Gyne jumpers can’t reach at the stage.

Dawn City – There are potential virtual raised environmental opportunities going up some signs on a raised platform by one of the spawns on the far end.  Sometimes jump lifts are available so its not reliable.  There is a rail against the wall of that area you can use a special jump to reach and place enviros.  There are several signs in the sky you can land on and place enviros.  They are indestructible even if pieces break off them you can still stand on them.  Enviros can be placed there.  In the middle section of the stage is a floating traffic lights poles, you can land on them and place enviro.  Unbreakable. 

 Refinery – There is a box that might be hard to land on if you break the destructible box.  At the highest spawn point of the stage, go down the stairs leading out ward, there is a oil drum you can hop on to land on an unbreakable box.  Place the enviro there and break the barrel and other jumpers will not be able to access it. 

 Lane – There are no hangable locations.  There is a roof a special jump skill can be used to reached. Cage and Roof of same apartment are difficult for cartwheelers.  Can demo projectile method to propel them on to those locations.  

Sein – Hanging should be allowed because  it is risky to count on and we aren’t going demand players know the pattern of floors falling apart at the stage.  Some locations are true hangs here but some of the floor locations won't actually truly hang and this can be shown.  The one difficult locations for wheelers to reach an enviro can be down by using projectiles to properl you.  

Arguments for situation 3.  Avoids floated environmentals that are undisableable.  Still emphasizes and rewards good positioning and defense of positions.  Requiring 3 skills to sometimes virtual hang.  This weakens hanger strategies. ( 3 skill set ups require more deck space and are harder to set up)  You need prep for both special jump skills and anti environmental skills :

The new needs of some raised locations:  

1.  Actual Enviro

2.  Special Jump Skill

3.  Orb/Amulet

4.  Potentially a 4th skill would be needed to break things in some cases to truly create some raised environmentals 

Other Pluses:  People now have additional options for potentially disabling enviros: Levitate, Skywalk, Jump, Demon’s Wing.  With anti enviros we have 4 different schools with more anti enviro options.  4 schools can now deal with Reduce Entropy.  Orb is less reliable since special jump skills could reach locations.   

Caveats:  Players still need to consider how badly environmentals could affect their arsenal.  

Memory Lapse Options:  Reincarnation, Sign of Saints, Learning, Have Ice and Anti Enviro.  Special Jump Skill.