Unique Test Names
Hunting - Combat and Food.
CombatLore - Combat + Lore??????

There are other factors that seem to affect success in ritual like ancestral enemies or first religious event.  I did not want to list anything that
was too hard to interpret.  You may see things like Diplomacy tests aided by Harmony instead of Diplomacy magic.  
These listings should not be interpreted as errors in what I wrote but feel free to double check.  (i.e. you can end up using Harmony magic to aid Diplomacy instead of Diplomacy magic.  

You'll see a lot of vs Something tests labeled.  I'm wondering if those are kinds of things
that spirit aid or magical weapons will aid you in.  Spirit effects like aiding
you in one on one battles might aid against duels for example.  Or having treasures that help
fight against monsters.  

You might see several choices that are the same test.  In the code there are + and - values to numbers
attached to the tests.  So some tests might be harder.  I did not really look at trying to figure that out.  

Elmal Sunpath

Little Yelm First Part Harmony and War Magic can aid section

Put those stones back befoe I slap you - Intimidation test vs Confidence

Song Jeering youth - Singing Test vs Confidence

This is unworthy of you - Oration vs Confidence

Your fate lies elsewhere - Mythology vs Confidence Test 

Little Yelm Fight

Combat As Against Inferior - a Combat test against mook

As an equal - Combat test vs Duel

By Flamboyantly - Combat vs Stunt test

Wary eye - Combat vs Elusiveness

Shargash First Part

With a call to Brotherhood - Harmony Magic can aid choice.  Oration Test vs Fear.  

Song Mocking Ugliness - Aided by Harmony magic.  Singing vs Confidence Test.  

With a Magic Ward against demons - Magic Test vs Darkness can be aided by ritual magic.  

With an immediate attack - War Magic aids choice.  

Shargash Fight

As Against Inferior - a Combat test Mook.  Might be negative to do.  

As an equal - Combat test vs Duel

As against a monester - Combat vs Monster

Distracting Maneuvers - Combat vs Stunt test.  Might be negative to do.  

Golden Men Section

By commanding their obedience. - Harmony Magic aids.   Leadership test vs Disorder

By whooping at them. -     Diplomacy magic aids.  Intimidation vs Confidence test 

With a song of ridicule. - Singing vs Confidence test Diplomacy magic aids.  

With Elmal's sweeping sword. - Combat based choice  War magic aids.

Yonesh Cold Sun

War magic aids all choices.  

  With a frontal assault.    -     Combat vs Duel Test 

  With feints and tricks.  - Combat vs Stunt

  With fire magic.     Ritual Magic additionally? aids.  Magic Test vs Darkness
  Heedless Fury - Seems riskiest  Combat vs Duel test.  

Dostal Elk Hunter

Succeeding in sections involving Basikan get give you a happy ancestry option.  Stelfor success gets Ferocity of Stelfor Reward.  Zenangar Success - Cleverness of Zenangar reward

Children Recruitment

Promise eventual Benefit - Harmony Magic aids.  Mediation vs Resentment test

With Diving Indifference - Aided by Harmony magic.  Affected by clans that fear and mock you.  Intimidation test vs confidence

By stirring them to think of greater good.  - Aided by harmony magic.  test Oration. 

Song of Ridicule - Aided by Harmony magic Singing vs Confidence

Yenfar Hunt

Attack as you would a monster - Wilds magic aids this.  A Combat test vs monsters.

Ignore it, hunting its master -  Wilds magic aids.  Hunting vs Elusiveness

Let the young men - Seems to be a risky choice.  There is no test against skills here, but good and bad results can occur from this choice.  
Hunt it as a beast - Wilds magic aids Hunt vs Elusiveness

Sakkars Battle

All choices aided by wilds magic.  

Zenangar - Affected by wilds magic.  A Hunting Test.(Food and Combat)  Having strong diplomacy can aid choice. 

Basikan - Affected by wilds magic.  Hunting Test.  Gain Ancestral Blessing Reward Option

Nameforgot - Hunting vs Skirmish Test

Stelfor - Hunting vs Skirmish Test.  

Elk Finale - Wilds magic aids all choices.

With a nod to stelfor - aided by wilds magic.  Hunting test vs Elusiveness

An Inspiring speech - aided by wilds magic.  Oration test.  vs disorder. 

With a promise of future glory - wilds magic helps Prophecy test vs Bullheadedness

Letting them figure out - Mythology vs Elusiveness.  

Ekarna Four Trader

It seems like a female ritualist get a bonus performing in the ritual.  Having more females on ring might boost some choices.  

Goose Event

Allay their fears - diplomacy magic aids - Diplomacy test Vs Fear.

Show trade rune -, aided by ritual magic.    Magic test vs skepticism.  

Exolling the bells - Bargaining test vs Customer - aided by Diplomcay

Describing might of seven swords - Aided by war magic Intimidation vs Confidence Test.  Affected by whether you've won or lost raids before doing the ritual.

Arandanth and Thengist

Hating Thengist Gives us much in common - Aided by war magic.  A CombatLore test.  vs Skepticism Affected by whether you've won or lost raids before doing the ritual.

Rams worship a god of change - Aided by diplomacy WedCultures test vs skepticism. 

Until you've been drunk on Kumis -  aided by diplomacy magic.  Bargaining vs Customer test.  

You will not want to cross the archers who bested Thengist.  Intimidation vs Confidence aided by war magic.  Affected by the number of Ram clans that Fear or Mock you.  
Successfully Describing the might of seven swords against goose people grants a bonus to success.

Ghost City

Feathers - Bad choice, can ages quester if it goes poorly enough.

Brooches - Bad choice, can ages quester if it goes poorly enough.  

Plaques of Gold - Probably negative but generally  doesn't seem to age quester.  Ritual magic aids Mythology Test vs Disorder.

Hard to tell which choice is the best one in the next 3.  Beating Thengist probably but from the other 2 I'm not certain.  

Cenala story - Ritual Magic aids it.  Mythology Test vs Spirits  

How we beat Thengist -  Ritual Magic aids it.  Mythology Test vs Spirits  

Story of how riders left the Golden City - Ritual Magic aids it.   Test Mythology vs Spirits

Samnal Section

Deal with him sincerely -  Aided by Diplomacy magic.  Bargaining vs Customer test.  

Sing him a song of backhanded praise - Diplomacy magic aids Singing vs Openness test.

Have Hyalor Declare himself equal to Samnal - Ritual Magic aids.  Mythology Test vs Openness. 

Have Osara show off - Aided by ritual magic.  Female quester gets a bonus.  Mythology vs Openness

Gamari horse mother

Ayvtu might have a bonus in performing this ritual.

 Yamsur Battle Start

War magic aids all fighting choices.  All enemies need to pass Combat vs Duel test.  Choose Zoran if  trolls are ancestral enemy, Urox if Rams are.  Does not seem to be a bonus option against Maran Gor...  

Maran,  Zoran, or Urox - War magic aids 

Yamsur - leadership vs confidence test. aided by harmony magic.

Upset Gamari

Sing a song satirizing Yamsur - Harmony magic aids. Singing vs Credulity.  (Success can reveal who Hyalor's father is)

Tell her that alliance with Hyalor - Aided by harmony magic.  WedCultures vs Skepticism test

Thank her for the deeds she'll enable - Harmony magic aids.  Oration vs Skepticism.  

Warn her about Samnal - Diplomacy Magic aids.  Mythology vs Confidence test.

Samnal Threat

Appeal to elmal - aided by Harmony magic.  Lore Test.

Attack Him - war magic aids Combat vs Duel test.

Rouse Hyalor's Kin - Leadership vs Fear test.  Aided by Harmony magic.

Trick Samnal into taking another horse instead - Diplomacy magic aids - Deception vs Skepticism test.  

Gamari Finale

Running circles around false suns.    War Magic CombatLore vs Foreigners.  

Giving us kumis.     Food Test vs Divine  Harmony Magic aids.  

Slaying Alkothi demons.     War Magic aids Combat vs Duel Test war magic aids

Teaching us to ride.     War Magic aids CombatLore vs Bullheadedness

Hyalor's Long Ride -   Exploring Magic aids.  Mythology vs Elusiveness.  Sprouted Hyalor Shrine bonus possible.  

Nyalda Marriage Maker

Having more females on ring might boost some choices.  Wheel member gets special dialogue in beginning if chosen.  Effects unknown.  

Little Yelm Section

"A true god... "  - Oration vs Skepticism Harmony Magic aids.

A wife is not a slave - having more females on your ring aids this choice.  Having wheels attend hurts success of this choice.  Lore test. vs skepticism  Aided by Harmony magic.

Let him marry a person disguised as Nyalda - Deception vs Skepticism test.  Aided by harmony magic.  

Lead him to a hill where trolls are - Exploration test.  Hunting vs Elusiveness test

Offer him an attendant of Nyalda instead - Bargaining vs Customer test.  Diplomacy magic helps

Shargash Section

Summon River wife - Aided by Ritual magic. Magic vs Divine test.

Summon his rice wife - aided by fields magic.  Food vs Divine test. 

Let him marry a person disguised as Nyalda - Deception vs Skepticism test.  Aided by harmony magic.  

Offer him an attendant of Nyalda instead - Bargaining vs Customer test.  Diplomacy magic helps

Golden Men Section

Mock them in song - aided by diplomacy magic.  Singing test vs confidence.

Set them against one another - aided by diplomacy magic.  Bargaining vs Cutomer test

Summon earthquake - Ritual magic aids.  Magic Test vs Divine.

Offer Shargash Weapon - Bargaining vs Customer Test.  Diplomacy aids.

Offer Gold - guessing Bargaining vs Customer and Diplomacy aids.  I didn't confirm this one.  

"Solar fragments..." - Diplomacy aids.  Lore vs Resentment test.  

Run away - Appears to negatively impact success.  No test involved.  

Elmal and Relander Section

All choies are aided by Diplomacy magic in section.  

Cows - Aided by diplomacy magic.  

Head of an enemy - aided by diplomacy magic.  Diplomacy vs Selling test.(That says Diplomacy, not bargaining)

Demonstration of Divinity - diplo magic helps.  Lore based choice

How does he differ - Lore vs ELusiveness

Proof Of True Love - Bad Choice locks you into the negotiator previously chosen and makes you pick another.  Appears to hurt chances of succeeding.  

Hyalor Tablet Maker

Whooping against wheels before ritual might affect success of interactions with Samnal.

Avilraru Arrives

Challenge Avilraru - Intimidation test vs Confidence.   War magic aids

Inspire Avilraru to Join - Harmony magic aids.  Oration vs Skepticism test.  

Mock Avilraru in Song - Singing vs Confidence.  Aided by diplomacy magic.

Seek Samnal's Solidarity - Wedcultures vs Resentment.  Aided by diplomacy magic.  

Alkothi Arrive

Challenge Alkothi to a duel - combat test.  vs duel.

Ride Circles around ambassadors - war magic aids.  A magic Test.  vs Confidence.

Join Samnal in proclaiming - Diplomacy magic aids WedCultures vs Resentment test.   Whooping against wheels in beginning might affect success.  

Ice Giant Section

Fight Ice giants - combat test vs monsters.  War magc aids

Depart in orderly fashion - Strategy Test vs Disorder aided by war magic.

Talk Samnal into leaving - Diplomacy magic aids Diplomacy vs Bullheadedness test.  

Depart quickly - Strategy vs Disorder test war magic helps.  


All choices can be aided by harmony magic

Enigmatic Smile - Test Mythology vs Credulity Success seems to grant a small increase in questers Leadership.  

I have done my part... - Leadership vs Fear

It is our king's list - aided by harmony magic.  Lore test vs Openness

There is no rule that can't be changed - Lore vs Bullheadedness.

Taming the River

Seduce Dragon - Test Gifting vs Skepticism.  

Command Dragon - Leadership vs Bullheadeness.  

Use Cunnng to defeat the dragon - Deception vs Skepticism

Trade with the dragon - Crafts magic aids.  

Subdue the Dragon - War magic aids.  Combat vs Monster test.  


This  rituals a bit strange as it seems to look for your "best" skill in certain choices.  Which selection of "best" skills it's willing to take
is not entirely clear to me.  Perhaps Leadership or Food which is recommended for the quest.  


Sing the cows a calming song -  "bestskill chosen" One's I've gotten are Food, Leadership, and Poetry???   Pasture Magic will aid this choice.  Test BestSkill vs Divine

Attack the Wolves - Aided by war magic.  Combat vs Duel test. 

Make a deal with the wolves - Diplomacy magic aids.  Another BestSkill test Food was one I received. it also has BestSkill vs Customer. Not sure
what alternatives it could get.  Bargaining?  

Seek the bones - Pasture magic aids.  Food vs Divine test.

Second Section

Promising a new way - aided by ritual magic.  WedCultures Test. 

By reassuring them - bestskill chosen.  Food is one of them.  Harmony magic helps.  Test BestSkill vs Fear.  

By inspiring them - Harmony Magic aids.  Oration vs Fear test.  -

By Cowing them - Intimidation vs Fear test.  Could potentially be negative.

Where to Travel Section

South the right direction BestSkill - Food is one of them.  Aided by wilds magic. 

Skyward to the sunpath - aided by ritual magic.  test of magic vs darkness. 

Toward the Sound of Hooves - Wilds magic aids.  Exploring vs Elusiveness test.  

North, to fight the cold sun - War magic helps.  Combat vs Duel test.  


Having a ring member on the clan that worships one of these gods might help...  It might need to be the chief...

Take the daughters to Elmal - aided by harmony magic.  Leadership test.  vs Resentment

Take the daughters to Nyalda - aided by harmony magic.  Leadership test.  vs Resentment

Urge Gamari to fortify - Harmony Magic helps - Diplomacy test vs bullheadedness. 

Heal those injured - Magic vs Divine test aided by ritual magic.  

Inilla Forage Finder

Ritual might be influenced by the season its done in.  

Nyalda and Elmal

    Descend into a cave with Nyalda. - Ritual Magic aids.  Test Magic vs Elusiveness  

    "I am a new daughter for a new land." - Aided by Harmony magic.  WedCultures vs Bullheadedness Tests.  

    "I am a seed you planted when we lived in the Golden City, Nyalda." - Aided by Wilds magic.  Mythology vs Bullheadedness test

    Produce a basket of sunflower seeds. -  wilds magic aids Food vs Darkness test.

    "Some foes cannot be defeated with weapons, Elmal."  - Harmony magic aids.  Lore vs Bullheadedness test

Sleeping Yatello

    By singing him deeper into slumber. - Aided by Exploration magic.  Singing vs Alertness Test

    By waiting until darkness comes. - aided by wilds magic Foraging vs Alertness test.  

    Quickly. - wilds magic aids foraging  vs alertness

    Silently. - aided by wilds magic   Foraging vs Alertness test

    With the aid of spirits.  - Ritual Magic helps.  test Magic vs Spirits.  

The Berries

    Ally with the berries against Yatelo. - Diplomacy magic helps Diplomacy vs Spirits test.

    Leave some berries on the branches.  -  Wilds magic aids.  Foraging vs Darkness test.

    Leave some goats for him to eat instead. - Wilds magic aids.  Bargaining vs Darkness.  

    Ride higher in the sky than Yatelo can follow.  - Aided by exploration magic.  Exploring vs Darkness test

Birds Finale

    Offer Elmal's protection - War magic helps.  Bargaining vs Fear test.  

    Offer Nyalda's fertility. - Fields magic aids.  Bargaining vs Confidence test.

    Promise to conceal their location from Dostal. - Exploring magic aids.  Bargaining vs Fear.  

    Tell them where to find Busenari's worm-rich droppings.  - Pastures magic aids choice.  Bargaining vs Customer Test