“Secrets” of Phantom Dust

Phantom Dust Tricks Maybe Split this into 2 videos, we’ll see how much things actually take up.

Shelter shields also block holes. 

Don’t always use Optimization.

Paralyze tricks – not moving, but using skills/cartwheeling.  Infinite Stuns.  


Characters Guide – Who you should play As/Differences.  Highlights

Cartwheelers – Can dodge their own holes better than rollers.  Perhaps have a better window of dodging than rollers and have more precise in movements.  Can hide behind less obstacles than some rollers.  

Rollers – Flame Sword type moves become very hard to jump dodge in certain ways.  Some of them like like Anthro, Vestio, JD, and Cuff Buttton can hide behind some  objects that cartwheelers can't.  JD shortest?  Hyperkick roundhouse kicks?  Crystallization with +2 homing appears noticeably more difficult to dodge.  

Monsters without Feet – Swords, the only good reason to use…  Ceno’s “hop”.  Mostly the worst characters to use. 


Phantom Dust Erase Tips and beating them

Vicious Balance Stuff - Just a little more about strategy not so much ressurection tricks which have been explained.  0 cost decks.  Chaos Counter, others.


Capsule Erasing Tricks

Recall, Relearn, Bravery Decision, Erased Capsule Impact.   Change the World warning.  

Defense Guide and beating them

Dazzle a Dasher

Shelter and Absorb vs the Others one's reaction times.  Especially Brush and Barrier.   


Retain/Lock Moves may just fold into erase section…but probably won’t

Reincarnation/Sign of Saints, Arrow of Artemis Seal of Death stuff.  Basically just shield breaking work arounds.

 Stat Buffs/Effects and Resetters

Stacking Buffs – Where it does and doesn’t work.( Tiger’s Strength and Trance not combinable)

Homing – what does and doesn’t improve from it.


Hide Behind stuff

Tag Teammate Resurrection Death and Resurrection Tricks with Stat Buffs

Purify Erase and other things forcing stand ups and stuns. 


Close range guide

Sword Cancelling

Sword Sliding Past shields.

Include Photon Wave Burst/Tips

Some close range nuisance demos.  (constant hyperkicks)


Stage Guide

– (probably will be separate from any of this)  Tricks at stages.  Traveling around tricks. 

Cartwheel and Roll Tricks

Debris hitting



This could get extensive.  Still need to think about this section.