This page shows 5 missions that were cut from the game.  Pictures and details of the missions are given here.  You can
play these missions in the simulator terminal on an Xbox or 360 if you download a game save with them done.

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Hidden Missions are on Lane and Sein with title "Placeholder" for each mission name.  These quests were found in the
debug mode, but the game saves them when completed so any one can use a save to try them.  No modding needed.  

Details on cut levels are below.  It's interesting to see some hypothetical directions PD's team thought about using.  
Some of the missions are pretty interesting too.  

Lane  - Alpha vs Gynes and Tsubutaki?!

"I've played this level before"  Not quite.

The Actual Battle
- You start out fighting 3 Gynes right from the beginning.  The setup is devious.  You spawn on a clunky exposed  roof top not
available in multiplayer.  Two Gynes usually spawn right below you and they both start firing Scream of Evils through the walls  from every
which way.  The 3rd one is getting set up to start to Fire of Gehenna you.  When you beat one.  Tsubutaki shows up and starts fighting against you.  
4 on 1!  Tsubutaki was standing side by side with a Gyne once  and they both shot Fire of Gehenna at me simultaneously.  
This is a difficult but fun battle.   I could see Phantom Dust 2 creating  interesting  single player challenges you need to solve.  It could
be cool to incorporate with a leader board time + score, ranking a bit like Guilty Gear has score attack kind of contests  system.  When you
beat the mission Tsubutaki says this stuff(terrible camera angle):

Tsubutaki getting brainwashed by the Gynes?  It is a fun set up at least.  Whatever you do, do not use Lunar Force!  Tsubutaki in alt outfit.  
Vision promotion?

Cuff Button Sein Mission (You bastard!)

I like to think that Cuff Button is starting a new cult in his new white outfit in which he has already converted Chunky and pH to his cause.
But maybe the actual  plotline was really going to advance them to the high level Visions guys, hence the outfit change.

We know....  Where is Phantom Dust 2?!

The Actual Battle - Its 1 on 1 with Cuff, nothing particularly remarkable.  However, your spawn point is placed on an area where the
 ground can break floating  capsules you can no longer reach or just barely at the edge.  Often fell with out catching them.

Beat Cuff Reaction:

""This is how it should be constantly innovating"

"How it currently is -- a world without a future.  How sad is that?"

(in its badly spelt translation:)   I bit ado, I bid adieu.  

If you lose to  him the bastard has this to say:  

Bad glare picture says "Yes, that's right!  This skill, this proves that we're still alive.  No way am I being erased!"
Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Chunky and pH Sein Mission with JD as teammate:

("But we must ask those to push themselves further for the cause.")

The Actual Battle - This one is kind of interesting just because it has you fighting 2 on 2 on Sein.  Again I think the ground will break below
your spawn point after awhile.  Someone apparently finds it hilarious to put it in these maps.  Plus you get to fight Chunk and pH in an
the same white style outfits of Cuff Button.  It makes you wonder what they were planning on doing plotwise.  Maybe they are following
Cuff and have been betrayed?  Or they just all got promoted?  These guys are using friendshipss and alleviates on each other in the match.

Alpha murders team Cuff's Chunky.  "This is for Dawn City!"

Chunky and pH don't have anything to say when you beat them or lose to them.(because they die)  No. Not really.  JD does some talking though

"They're able to work,"  (I don't get that sentence.)

Know on Lane 

Know is pissed!

The Actual Battle -
  Its a pretty boring battle and plot. I guess it gives you Lane as a 1 on 1 stage to mess around in.
You fight Know, that's it really.

I've got nothing.

Know and Guard and Guard?! on Sein

A mission with Maniac in the plot?!  I like how Maniac doesn't need the help of the Espers.  Crazy bastard.  Or maybe the Visions want him
to disappear.  Know risks his life for him, and Maniac doesn't even need his aid...

Some of these missions cameras have weird positioning on the talking  characters.

The Actual Battle -   This is a good unique battle.  You fight Know and 2 Guards on Sein all at once.  It is one of the harder missions in
the game.  They will sometimes erase  you as you try to get to the air lifts.  And to top that off the spawn point eventually collapses And
all your capsules in time.  And if you take long enough even your falling respawn point will collapse.  So if you fall off you'll respawn in
the sky only to fall off the level till your dead.  You're screwed  Your dead characater will just keep falling over and over when game over
screen shows up.  

My arsenal!

If team Guard  beats you, you  get this :

And thus Know has completed his transformation into Mad Scientist.

If you win:

That concludes Phantom Dust :  The Lost Levels.

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