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Phantom Dust Online Strategy Guide Save file.information:(Both Original Xbox and 360 only saves)

If you came here for saves jump past this up coming paragraph and start reading at : "The Game Saves"

If you can't transfer saves here's how to Grind Money + Get Skills Fast - If you can't transfer game saves I recommend you do the Mission "Single Death Shot" repeatedly at Panorama.  All's you have to do is fill your deck with skills that do 5 or higher damage.  Hit the enemy once and the mission is complete.  It pays less than some missions but is quicker to finish repeatedly.  Beating all the missions unlocks all the 300 offline skills.  If you go to Mac's shop through the Xbox Live menu you can exit and enter his shop repeatedly and he'll have different sales/more junk.  This works even though Xbox live is gone.  You just need to a cable put into your Xbox's Ethernet port to access the Mac Shop Menu through the Xbox Live menu.

The Game Saves

There are several  new saves with hidden debug levels unlocked, with max skills(even online ones), and have the game beaten.  

You can click the link here for more details on hidden debug missions available.(possible spoilers)

I uploaded a batch of 7 saves at Gamefaqs that have the game beat and all online skills.  Differences are listed towards the bottom of this page.  

They all have the game beaten with many online skills.(some have more than others)  They are  in action replay format form.(but can be transferreed by other ways which will be detailed here)  If you're using an Action Replay   You should be able to just drag and drop each zip profile onto your memory card.  (Unzip the batch, you have to drag and drop each one individually.  You can't just dump the one zip folder in)  An example of a profile name file is  (Yukio is the profile name that will show)

Click for Gamefaqs save batch link.  (Pick the one by pdfaq)  

Transfer The Saves In a Different Way

If you want to transfer those files in a different way on your Xbox or on the 360, unzip each zip profile so you get its UDATA folder.  Now open up the folders till you find the folder 4d530046.  Open that folder and copy the folder contained in it.  You don't need the 4 files TitleImage.xbx, and TitleMeta.xbx, dateinfo.xbx, SaveImage.xbx.  Ignore or Delete those 4 files.  The folder that remains is what you'll transfer to your Xbox.  It containts a profile.dat and SaveMeta.xbx file.  Here's the folder names for each profile name that you need to transfer:

006B14EC1B66 = Yukio
007411F91A08 = Lotus

006D006F0078 = Mox
006110D31AAB = Grave

0F6019561B1D = Altera
16C019D05AED = Pantera
17B01ABF9163 = Tertius

The location where you put these folders on your Xbox is Partition 3 - Compatibility\Xbox1\UDATA\4d530046
Last I can remember is that I think you need to make a save on the 360 first in order to have this location created.(4d530046)  So start up a game with and make a save if you haven't already.(you can delete it later)
I know this isn't the greatest explanation so you may want to look up some other way to transfer saves with whatever way you're choosing to do.  

Original Xbox users will have to follow some other way transferring the saves.  I don't know the details but I'm sure they're out there.  You'll have to find this location on your Xbox: UDATA\4d530046.  You might have to create it by creating one in game profile with Phantom Dust

You can also try this thread for more help;

Note that only 3 saves will ever show if you put more than 3 on your system.(delete one for the 4th one to show up)  These saves can be copied to other memory cards.  (unlike regular saves)

If you don't have the 1.2 patch installed on your system you can only use up to skill 320.  The other skills above 320 won't show.  If you play against someone who does not have the 1.2 update on their system and you use a skill above 320, the game will boot the 1.0 player from the match when you use it.  As long as skills used  are #320 or less you can play against 1.0 and 1.2 players.  

If you're looking to apply a patch update to your original xbox, check this link out on how to. (pretty sure you have to mod your system):

Unfortunately, it is not known whether 1.2 update can be applied to 360 systems.  The system "signs" the files to the owners gamertag.  This might be doable with modding and "jtagging" your 360, but I don't know what that entails/means and it will probably result in you or your system  getting banned  from Xbox live or on that game system.  

Save Profile Details

Main Details on each profiles by name:

Yukio  -  This save has everything done and has all movies and all hidden missions unlocked.(You can see hidden missions  in the Simulator for Lane and Sein)  The Yukio save also has  arsenals that were created by several members of Phantom Dusted as well as 4 arsenals created by Yukio Futatsugi, creator of Phantom Dust.  All arsenals are 1.0 to 1.2 compatible.  (skills 320 or lower are used in the arsenals.)  Other creators of arsenals include Bregan,  El  Davio, Fenix Stryk, It's revan, Remni, and Outlaw Ninja.  Also special thanks to Phlsphr420 for creating the original file names of these and the next 3 listed.

Mox - Max skills Has 1.0 to 1.2 compatible arsenals.  Playable Debug stages unlocked.  Certain in game movies not unlocked.

Lotus - Max skill.s may have 1.0 to 1.2 arsenals.  Playable Debug stages unlocked.  Certain in game movies not unlocked.

Grave - Max Skills and game beaten unlike other Grave files you might find out there.  Arsenals were really just for getting through single player.  Playable Debug stages unlocked.  Certain in game movies not unlocked.

Altera, Pantera, Tertius - Has many online skills but not max amount.  Game beaten.  Arsenals made by Notorious Chop, arsenals are not 1.0 to 1.2 compatble.  No hidden debug levels, all movies unlocked.

Special thanks to Jocose,  Phlsphr420, Kreet, Notorious Chopp, for helping/making  memory card saves.(Pantera too?)  Gthirst, Pantera , Bregan,  El  Davio, Fenix Stryk, It's revan, Remni, Outlaw Ninja, and Phreaker .for creating/helping to create  the various game saves or arsenals.

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